SNES The Vault
TitlePlayersYearPublisherCart Size
Samurai Shodown21994Takara327.9
Saturday Night Slam Masters41994Capcom249.1
Sea Quest DSV11994Malibu Games165.3
Secret of Evermore  Read the manual11995Square247.2
Secret of Mana  Read the manual31993Square169.3
Secret of the Stars11995Tecmo128.8
Seiken Densetsu 3   T22000N/A329.1
Shadowrun  Read the manual11993Data East89.3
Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye11992Activision86.0
Shaq Fu21994Electronic Arts164.2
Shien's Revenge11994Vic Tokai165.2
Side Pocket21993Data East88.3
Sim Ant11993Maxis88.2
Sim City  Read the manual11991Nintendo49.5
Sim City 200011995Electronic Arts168.9
Sim Earth  Read the manual11992FCI87.4
Simpsons, The: Bart's Nightmare11992Acclaim88.0
Sink or Swim11994Vic Tokai47.3
Skul Jagger: Revolt of the Westicans21993American Softworks45.3
Sky Blazer11993Sony Imagesoft87.8
Smart Ball11991Sony Imagesoft84.2
Smash T.V.21991Acclaim49.2
Snow White in Happily Ever After11994American Softworks82.9
Soldiers of Fortune21993Spectrum Holobyte126.7
Solstice II: Equinox  Read the manual11993Sony Imagesoft88.7
Sonic Blast Man  Read the manual11992Taito86.8
Sonic Blast Man II21994Taito127.5
SOS11994Vic Tokai88.6
Soul Blazer11993Enix89.2
Space Ace11994Absolute83.3
Space Football: One on One21992Triffix Entertainment47.6
Space Invaders: The Original Game21997Nintendo28.5
Space Megaforce11992Toho88.7
Spanky's Quest11991Natsume47.0
Spawn  Read the manual11995Acclaim246.6
Speed Racer11994Accolade167.5
Speedy Gonzales in Los Gatos Banditos11994Acclaim87.0
Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge11992Acclaim167.6
Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage  Read the manual11994LJN168.7
Spider-Man and Venom: Separation Anxiety  Read the manual21995Acclaim248.2
Spindizzy Worlds11992ASCII87.3
Sporting News Power Baseball, The41995Hudson Soft87.0
Sports Illustrated Championship Football & Baseball21993Malibu Games168.0
Star Fox  Read the manual11993Nintendo89.1
Star Fox 2  T12004N/A88.6
Star Fox 2  T12004N/A89.0
Star Ocean  T12003N/A489.0
Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Crossroads of Time  Read the manual11995Playmates87.4
Star Trek Starfleet Academy: Starship Bridge Simulator21994Interplay87.9
Star Trek the Next Generation: Future's Past  Read the manual11994Spectrum Holobyte169.0
Steel Talons21993Left Field Entertainment44.7
Sterling Sharpe: End 2 End51995Jaleco87.0
Stone Protectors21994Kemco168.2
Street Combat21993Irem87.2
Street Fighter Alpha II21996Nintendo328.1
Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting  Read the manual21993Capcom208.0
Street Fighter II: The World Warriors  Read the manual21992Capcom168.2
Street Hockey '9541995GTE Entertainment245.5
Street Racer41994UBI Soft87.9
Strike Gunner21992NTVIC88.8
Stunt Race FX  Read the manual21994Nintendo88.0
Sunset Riders  Read the manual21993Konami89.2
Super Adventure Island  Read the manual11992Hudson Soft88.1
Super Adventure Island II11994Hudson Soft129.4
Super Alfred Chicken  Read the manual11993Mindscape85.9
Super Aquatic Games, The41993Seika43.4
Super Baseball 202021993Tradewest128.3
Super Baseball Simulator 1.00021991Culture Brain49.7
Super Bases Loaded21991Jaleco88.7
Super Bases Loaded 221994Jaleco128.5
Super Bases Loaded 3: License to Steal21994Jaleco166.0
Super Batter Up21992Namcot86.9
Super Battle Tank 211993Absolute168.0
Super Battle Tank: War in the Gulf11992Absolute47.0
Super Battleship11993Mindscape47.1
Super Black Bass11992HOT-B87.7
Super Bomber Man41993Hudson Soft49.4
Super Bomber Man 241994Hudson Soft89.0
Super Bonk11994Hudson Soft128.1
Super Bowling41992Technos48.1
Super Buster Bros.11992Capcom47.5
Super Caesars Palace11993Virgin48.7
Super Castlevania IV  Read the manual11992Konami89.4
Super Chase HQ11993Taito86.7
Super Conflict2?Vic Tokai88.9
Super Double Dragon21992Tradewest88.9
Super Earth Defense Force11991Jaleco88.3
Super Game Boy  Read the manual??Nintendo29.3
Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts  Read the manual11991Capcom89.4
Super Goal!21992Jaleco82.3
Super Goal! 221993Jaleco46.8
Super Godzilla11993Toho127.6
Super High Impact21993Acclaim88.6
Super James Pond11993American Softworks46.6
Super Mario All-Stars  Read the manual21993Nintendo169.5
Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World  Read the manual21993Nintendo249.3
Super Mario Kart  Read the manual21992Nintendo49.3
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars  Read the manual11996Nintendo329.4
Super Mario World  Read the manual21991Nintendo49.4
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island  Read the manual11995Nintendo169.3
Super Metroid  Read the manual11994Nintendo249.5
Super NES Super Scope 6  Read the manual11992Nintendo88.1
Super Ninja Boy21992Culture Brain88.8
Super Noah's Ark 3D  U1199482.0
Super Nova11993Taito87.0
Super Off Road21992Tradewest47.7
Super Off Road: The Baja11993Tradewest87.6
Super Pinball: Behind the Mask41994Nintendo88.0
Super Play Action Football21992Nintendo87.6
Super Punch-Out!!  Read the manual11994Nintendo169.4
Super Putty21993U.S. Gold87.5
Super R-Type  Read the manual11991Irem87.8
Super R.B.I. Baseball21995Time Warner Interactive87.0
Super Slam Dunk21993Virgin84.6
Super Slapshot21993Virgin47.8
Super Soccer21992Nintendo48.7
Super Soccer Champ21992Taito45.5
Super Solitaire11993Beam Software42.8
Super Star Wars  Read the manual11992LucasArts89.6
Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi11994LucasArts168.9
Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi  Read the manual11994THQ Software168.8
Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back  Read the manual11993LucasArts129.1
Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers  Read the manual21994Capcom328.9
Super Strike Eagle11993Microprose87.3
Super Tennis  Read the manual21991Nintendo48.0
Super Troll Islands11993American Softworks45.0
Super Turrican  Read the manual11993Seika88.1
Super Turrican 211995Ocean167.0
Super Valis IV11992Atlus88.8
Super Widget11993Atlus88.9
Suzuka 8 Hours21993Namcot87.3
SWATKats: The Radical Squadron11995Hudson Soft167.8