Bill Elliott's NASCAR Challenge

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Reviewer: Mark Date: Jul 14, 2003
Bill Elliott's NASCAR Challenger was the first NASCAR simulator made for home. (No, Days of Thunder does not count). Similar releases were made for the Gameboy and for the PC.

Graphics: 6
Graphics were fair; nothing spectacular; however, pit road looked pretty impressive with each teams "camp"; oil and skid marks. Tracks were bare bones however--no grandstands, were the cars.

It is kind of cool though to see the personalized trophy when you win a race.

Sound: 3
Theme music; like Paperboy; is repetitive and annoying. Only two sounds appear in the game-that of your engine, and a "bang" sound when you hit another car.

Gameplay: 9
Extensive; you could race any of the 4 tracks from 10-500 miles; or race a championship season; competing for points and the coveted Winston Cup.

Overall: 6
As the first NASCAR game; future companies built on this. Bill Elliott was the big name when this game was released; he appeared on all of Konami's games; as well as being the major name used for other racing collectibles released at the time-Maxx Racing Cards and Racing Champions' line of diecast cars.