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Reviewer: sirkakkarot Date: Jun 16, 2001
Actraiser is one of the BEST games ever made on any system. In Actraiser you play the role of a "god" so to speak, who's mission is to rid the world of the evil demon Tanzra and his minions, and help the people rebuild their cities and lead peaceful lives. I wanted a sequel to this game so bad, but when Enix released Actraiser 2, I was disappointed. Read my Actraiser 2 review for more on that game. On with the scores.

Graphics: 9

Beautiful, beautiful graphics. And this is a first generation snes game! All of the characters in the game are detailed and show creativity in their design. The only reason Graphics didn't get a 10 is because the overhead simulation scenes, where you help your people rebuild their towns, are pretty simple looking. That's really no big deal and doesn't at all detract from the game.

Sound: 10

This is where the game really shines. Actraiser had one of the best orchestrated soundtracks I've ever heard in an Snes game. Excellent music, and sound effects are top-notch. Only one minor qualm which isn't bad enough to lower the score: Your hero character yells "Hya" every time you swing your sword. This can get very annoying. It's no big deal though and you soon overlook it.

Gameplay: 10

No game has really came close to the original mix of gameplay elements that Actraiser delivers. A+ action mixed with simulation-style town building gameplay makes for a very fun and original game. Everything in Actraiser is easy to do, and it never gets too complex or overbearing. Simple interface for the sim mode, and excellent control in the action mode.

Overall: 10

Actraiser is just plain fun to play. I still fire it up on occasion. Another of my favorite picks for the Snes. Play it if you haven't yet. You most likely won't be dissapointed.