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ActRaiser 2

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Reviewer: sirkakkarot Date: Jun 16, 2001
Actraiser 2 continues the story of the original. The evil demon Tanzra has been resurrected by his evil servants, and its up to our divine hero to save the world and it's people once again. This time around it's strictly an action game. The town building simulation elements of the original were thrown out the window in this installment. That was one of my favorite features of the original, and it's a shame that Enix didn't leave the game more faithful to it's predecessor. Taken as a straight action game though it's not that bad of a game though. Here are the scores.

Graphics: 10

This is one department that was actually improved upon from the original. Every stage in the game features rich, colorful, detailed environments. Your hero and enemies are all artisticly designed as well.

Sound: 10

As in the original Actraiser, part 2 features a excellent orchestrated soundtrack. The master's annoying "hya" is still intact, but doesn't detract from the game that much. Great sound effects all around.

Gameplay: 5

Here is where Actraiser 2 falls short. The sim mode was axed in favor of a 100% action game. The game is also hella hard. This game is EXTREMELY frustrating in later stages. If you like your action games super difficult, then this is a game for you.

Overall: 6

Normally I love every game that Enix decides to bring to the US, but Actraiser 2 really disappointed me. It's not that its a bad game by itself, it just lacks features that made the original so fun to play. Give it a try, you may or may not be disappointed.