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Alien vs Predator

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Reviewer: Obesator Date: Jul 5, 2001
You're invisible, ugly and have a taste for alien flesh. It's all in a days work for The Predator.

We've seen it before, a side scrolling 2D fight fest that seems to go on for ages with weapons to pick up along the way, or have we? Alien Vs. Predator may seem like an ordinary beat 'em up, but once you start playing you start to change your mind. The graphics are nothing special, the sound is there, but the gameplay... It has the edge of the Alien and Predator movies and great fights. Pick up's are available, weapons like spears and disc launchers, the classic Predator invisibility orb and Alien Skulls which have no real use apart from points. The controls are easy to master and you'll be quickly be able to smack up the filthy alien skum in no time. With a good storyline and great boss battles and out of this world abilities, every Science Fiction fan should own Alien Vs. Predator, but if you didn't like the movies you should give it a try.


Reviewer: MAHARITO Date: Jun 17, 2001
Woah! This game rocks! Even though Arnie's nowhere in sight!!!

The first time I tried this baby I thought it was a hack by some lousy guy up at Acclaim. The sprites are fuzzy and incoherent and not very colorful in my opinion. Some of the collisions aren't very fair either. I think someone put a microphone next to their TV to get the samples: they simply suck.

But there's a reason I like this one--ingenuity. Baddies will arrange themselves quite neatly, they aren't totally predictable...expecially those nasty little short ones, in the later levels they get faster and deadlier too. You need to stay on your toes, or have your finger on the load state button constantly, to win some situations. One thing that can change all that is the spear powerup: It seems to kill just about anything. Don't let it get knocked out of your hand, and you'll do fine. The really funny thing for me is, I made it through the first three levels without even knowing I had a cool chargeable laser!! It can make life easier too, around the last sewer level you'll be glad you had it. I do believe this is one of the harder games out there, but then again I get my kicks from Kirby and Sonic, so my opinion there ain't worth a dime.