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Reviewer: Sezeroth Date: Oct 8, 2001
The game is set in the future when the world is under attack by strange alien invaders, and losing! The only thing that can stop them is you, The Axeley! Get ready to jump into a high-speed futuristic ride of you life.
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This is a typical space-shooter, fly around as a bunch of bad guys shoot at you in the same pattern. There is something a little different though. Some of the levels are in 3D! (ala Iridion 3D) The game is a very hard game that takes a while to get used to, but once you do it's pretty fun. The graphics are excellent, mostly Mode 7 zoomed sprites, but the aren't pixelated like most Mode 7 based games. The music isn't the best music I've ever heard, but it is decent music that'll get you humming in later that day, common shooter music, y'know. The sond effects really go good with the game.


Reviewer: Ant Date: Oct 7, 2001
You probably heard from somewhere that this is just another one of them shoot-'em-ups where it's overhead and sideways in different levels. Well, it is, only the overhead bits are not quite... overhead....

The sideways view is just typical of a shoot-'em-up, but foe a few levels, they take up a new perspective (below), with you looking behind the ship as you travel over some place.

The music is excellent, and so are the sound effects, but when did you ever hear a bubble sound effect when you shoot or hit another craft?

In this game, on certain levels, you have the freedom to fly anywhere you want, as long as you travel forwards all the time. The controls are easy, responsive and customizable.

The view of travelling just above clouds may put you off, but it is a good game.

A totally unique viewpoint make this game a must-have.