Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure

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Reviewer: New Potato Date: Sep 8, 2001
This title is quite different than other NES titles. It uses a side 3d perspective which I found interesting compared to other NES titles. The text part of the game where Bill and Ted make comments and interact with you had me cracking up! It does help tp have the maps or instructions when playing the game as there are many phases one goes through when playing the game.

Basically, this one was ahead of its time. It was also on the cover of Nintendo Power Magazine! Check it out!

My favorite was the Medevil World; if you chuck a twinkie at just the right spot in the lower south east corner, you can activiate the secret level.


Reviewer: Zero72 Date: Aug 8, 2001
Dude, I'm, like, into Bill & Ted and all, but...this most non-triumphant...

Graphics: I couldn't even figure out what to do...but from what I saw, the sprites were pretty good (the phone booth was well-animated), and they got good screen shots of the characters' faces.

Sound: Most non-Bill&Ted-like.

Gameplay: What gameplay?!

Overall: For one thing, the plot is hopelessly corrupt. For just plain sucks. I'm sorry.