Bionic Commando

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Reviewer: silent~bob_494 Date: Jul 17, 2002
bionic commando is a good game. i own a copy of it in real life and for years ive been going back and playing it when i get tired of playing new age games.

Graphics: 9
i loved the various graphics occuring through the game such as the helicopter graphics near the end and the soldier animations such as parachuteing out of the sky.

Sound: 8
Music was fairly good and fits into the action well, the only thing really missing is the enemies guns dont make gun shot noises.

Gameplay: 9
the game has many unquie features that set it apart from other games. first of all and most importantly is the bionic arm, you cant really jump in this game, they give you a bionic arm which changes the strategy invovled in moving, instead of looking for a platform to jump on you start looking for a ceiling piece to attach to and swing. i also like the wide variety of weapons you can use containing everything from a machine gun to a rocket launcher. theres also several towns you have to visit and bring items (such as the newspaper) to get further in the game.

Overall: 9
overall i would rate this game to be probally my favorite regular nintendo game of all time, hands down.

the combination of elements in the game make it a unquie and challengeing gameing experence bringing fun for a long time.


Reviewer: Zero72 Date: Aug 8, 2001
This is one of my favorite NES games!

Graphics: Great. The scenery is detailed, the fire in one area is great, basically just plain good.

Sound: Exellent! The music is great. The music from the slime areas (of which there are two) will stay with me forever. Maybe I'll have to ask that other guy to send it to me if he has it.

Gameplay: The bionic arm takes some time to warm up to, but overall, the weapons are diverse and fun, and the arm makes things much more interesting; a nice innovation.

Overall: Yes, it lacks passwords or a save feature, so you must play all the way through, but this is a great game. I'd recommend it to anyone who's looking for an origional, action-packed platformer/shooter.


Reviewer: David Taylor Date: Jul 7, 2001
This was a short but very action-packed game! Right from the beginning you will sit for hours playing with that bionic arm of the protagonist and see how many things you can pick up with it and how many nazi soldiers you can kill with it. Yeah, you heard me right, nazi soldiers. In this game they censored out the German infulence by covering up the Swashtika with Eagles and Hitler's name with ""The Master"". Anywho, the reason why this game is so cool is because the bionic arm gives let's you do a lot of things in all the levels from swinging over chasms of spikes or navigating your way through tall light-posts. Anyone who is looking for a game with action, skill, (and even a little bit of cussing!) I would advise you to get this!