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Reviewer: chillypacman Date: Jul 29, 2005
Chrono Trigger is my all-time fave rpg on any platform! I remember I read a review of Final Fantasy 3, which I had really liked (hadn't played Chrono trigger yet) which gave it a nine. But chrono trigger was given 9.5 and I thought this was some biased writer who couldn't appreciate a great game that was Final Fantasy 3 which was supposed to be the best game on the snes. So I try Chrono Trigger and realize I was mistaken. Lucky me eh?

Graphics: 10
If I comare it with a newer console it would be unfair, but Chrono Trigger had graphics that at the time were 10-Perfect. I did not come across anything anywhere in the game that wasn't insanely detailed.

Sound: 10
Best sound and music for any game anywhere. Monsters made distinct noises and the music rather than being great on its own always complemented the game's atmosphere, something that is hard to find in any game.

Gameplay: 10
There are ten alternative endings to this game! It's crazy! You'll want to finish it over and over again, and the best part is it is easy. Because after finishing the game if you start a new one your characters can have the same level from the last game so it makes it easy and quick.
You can chat with everyone (duh) but you can also move around and walk rather than be glued to the spot until that person finishes talking. These are just a few examples of the great gameplay.

Overall: 10
Great game. Has all the qualities of a great RPG from story to graphics (of its time). Must have classic.

Need I say more?


Reviewer: Rincewind Date: Jul 22, 2005
This has to be one of the greatest, if not THE greatest game of all time. The story is great, the characters are great, and even the magic is great. It can get hard or confusing at times but you'll want to beat it badly.

Graphics: 10
The graphics in this game are awesome. It has great animations for attacks, spells, and movement. The backgrounds are great and so are the character designs. Some characters look alike but they never do in the same town.

Sound: 10
You'll be humming, whistling, or going along with the excellent music. The sounds from the game are good too. Everything syncs well, and fits whatever object is making the noise.

Gameplay: 10
The controls are easy to master and there are tutorials that will walk you through certain things. The game will always help you find your way, so you don't end up having to guess where you are going. The combat system for this game is wonderful. It's easy to access whatever you're looking for and the time-based turn system is great too!

Overall: 10
Once again, This game really could be the best game ever made. 10's all the way around. It's a shame it doesn't go to 11.


Reviewer: Osca Date: Jul 21, 2005
Out of the RPG line this is by far the one to be considered a cult classic. I originally found this game at the age of 11, at a friends house I played it for only 2 hours and I was hooked. I remebered everything I did like a child at a candy store. It took me 5 years before I finnaly found the game that kept me so enticed. At that point I had beaten FF7 and FF8 and had finished the Dragon Warrior seires. That was how far I had gone, but when I finnaly played Chrono Trigger to the end it had rekindled my passion for RPGS, and games alike.

Graphics: 10
For the Super-NES this is top notch, I must say, the sprite effects and such could possibly beaten out only by Tales of Phantasia. But the animation was smooth and the attacks fit perfectly.

Sound: 10
Some of the Chrono Trigger songs I still cant get over, I have a friend who loves to play game music so I immediately bought him the Chrono Trigger Piano book.

Gameplay: 10
I obviously haven't run into a game with such a smooth system. Like previously stated it has a perfect learning curve in which the controls are very easy to get used to and so are the attacks.

Overall: 10
This is my #1 RPG. Yes sure there are the FF7 fanboys reading this saying well, Cloud could kick Chrono's ass. Well Cloud couldnt travel through time and perform combo attacks now could he?

This will probably always be in my top 5 games list. Although my first RPG was Dragon Warrior, the storyline in Dragon Warrior didnt pull me in the way Chrono Trigger did, and neither has any other RPG storyline except maybey FF7. But FF7 pulled new people into the genre, Chrono Perfected upon a failling Genre.


Reviewer: Travis Date: Jul 11, 2005
For those of us who live in Australia, we were never blessed with a release of this game.

Being an Australian, I didn't play this game till way after it's release. To be honest, I even played Final Fantasy VII before I played Chrono Trigger.

Graphics: 10
The graphics in Chrono Trigger are quite simply suberb, even now as we approach PS3 and XBOX 360, the graphics and animations create a world that leaps out of the screen, slaps you once on the left cheek, and drags you by the ***** into it. Which is a lot more than can be said for many Playstation and Playstation 2 RPG's.

Also this game was apparently the first SNES game to display the 256 possible colours at one time on the same screen.

I feel the 'specifications' or 'power', etc. of the console (SNES) were exploited better in this game than any other SNES title.

Sound: 9
Also brilliant. Though it's hard for me I will try to be objective about this... some of the music did get just a tad annoying, but 90% (hence the rating) were a pleasure to listen to, and are very decent on their own merits, when combined with the enchanting locations that you are travelling through, even better.

Gameplay: 10
Gameplay - funny word, of course games get 'played'...

I have never enjoyed another game more than this, it's brilliance is on par with Final Fantasy VII.

One of the things that make this game so remarkable is the characters, they actually have a character! For example Frog, all his dialouge is meant to resemble, presumably, the equilavant of Old/Middle English, and being so, he doesn't use the same style of speech as someone of a later time period. And the prehistoric cavewoman has a very limited vocubulary.

Overall: 10
My favourite SNES game, and quite possible the RPG that defines excellence in the genre. Despite the fact that I played this game way after the SNES' apparent 'shelf-life' was over. I was in sheer awe from the opening sequence in the room. Since then I have played this game numerous, and I now have the NTSC Playstation re-release of this game, which thankfully is an almost exact reproduction, the only improvements being some animated sequences at key story points, which just add to the charm of the game.

A TIMELESS masterpiece.


Reviewer: SeerofDarkness Date: Apr 29, 2005
I remember getting this game for Christmas the year that it came out. I had to beg my parents, and on Christmas Eve I opened a box, that had a box in it. In that box was another box, and in that final box, was the game. It made me so happy when I put in my SNES, which I still have. I have gotten what I think is all of the endings, not realy sure on that, but I remeber almost everything about it.

Graphics: 10
I gave this a total 10. Other than the fact that this game had changing sprites to fit the emotion, which was a totaly awsome breakthrough, the sprites were very detailed, and I totaly fell in love with them. Not to much to say.

Sound: 10
The sound is perfect on this game, even though the sleeping sounds got a little annoying. Every stage/areas theme did very good to excintuate the mood, whether it was to celebrate a century of peace, or to show a dismal and bleak future, without hope. Total SCORE on this Square!!

Gameplay: 10
Ok, I have to admit, it could get a little repetative at times, but I mean, that is with all RPGs. The battle system was alright, better than most of it's time, but still slightly flawed. The way after you learned certain spells they mixed with other peoples, and you could get items to do Triple Techs, like the one where you would use Magus, Allah(sp?) and Lucca. Also, NewGame+ makes it ALOT easier to get all of the endings, and there are about 10, give or take a few, all unique and worth seeing.

Overall: 10
One of the best RPGs of all time. If you have never played this which btw, they made another version for PS along with Final Fantasy 5, very good buy if you can get your hands on it (That version also has some pretty CGI screnes, that in my opinon make the game alot prettier, but don't actually alter GP much. The sprites remain the same, and the sound is slightly clearer.). Never played it, you cannot call yourself an RPG Master, as I like to call myself, even though I'm probably not.

Adue, Adue, parting is such sweet sorrow. Look for some of my other reviews on some other games. Hope this helped someone make a good choice on what game to get!


Reviewer: Reverend Date: Oct 15, 2004
Ah Chrono Trigger, the cornerstone of any nutrisous breakfast. When I first played this game, I was but a child. I knew from there on that this was a game worth playing and remembering. I still can recall every character and their moves and magic. This is one of those games that you will never forget.

Graphics: 10
What else can I say? Square worked hard on this game and their sweat and blood was well worth it. Each character and all the environments are crafted down to the each individual pixel. You can tell this game had some tender-loving care sewn in the stiches.

Sound: 10
The music is timeless. Sometimes when I'm bored I find myself, even today, humming along with Frog's Song. Again, Square found some high class music writers to fix up this game.

Gameplay: 10
Even though the battles are the same thing over and over again, they never grow tiresome. The script is no-doubt genious and the character design is dead on. You usally know exactly where you are heading and can't wait to get there.

Overall: 10
This game is 10/10. Square, I salute you for carving the name of 'Chrono Trigger' into the stones of time. This game will never be forgotten and will always be loved. No person has ever spoke bad about this game and I doubt they ever will. Thank you for realeasing such a beautiful creation into the chaos we call the world.


Reviewer: Shadow Date: Jul 5, 2004
This is, without a doubt, one of the best games Square ever made. The storyline is enticing and I found that this is one of those games that really connects the player with the plight of the characters. It had a few twists I never saw coming, and the whole game is an experience I have yet to see reproduced or surpassed. If you ever play an RPG, make it this one.

Graphics: 9
Square did a good job in the graphics department. From the dismal to the epic, all the environments look good and 'feel' a certain way. The sprites are equally good, and when you pull off a massive attack, you get a sense of satisfaction as the screen flashes red and white.

Sound: 10
This game has some of my favorite tunes. The music fits the game like a glove, and helped forge the connection I mentioned earlier. Sad or happy, this music is perfectly suited, no doubt about it.

Gameplay: 10
This game is from Square's golden days, and gameplay was the forte. Chrono Trigger stands a cut above the rest, not just for the storyline, but for a new take on battle systems and a different way of playing an RPG. This game doesn't feel like FF3/6, the way you move around and really works. Kudos to Square!

Overall: 10
This is the best RPG I have ever played. Look above at all the elements, and take into account the way Square flawlessly put them together, and you get a game that is unbeatable. This is my favorite game of all time!

Play this NOW! You will NOT regret it, and be prepared to fall to the symphony of enjoyment that is Chrono Trigger!


Reviewer: NrG Date: Mar 22, 2004
Summary - The game is just another example of Sqaure's unlimited greatness. The story is a little choppy, it switches from time to time but everything else is great.

Concept: You are a guy named Crono with an ordinary life till a tomboy princess and time machine gets into your life. The next thing you know, your chpping monsters up and being a trouble maker!

Graphics: 10
Pretty good for SNES, why couldn't FFV have Graphics like this? I love the tech specials and how they look. The movement graphics are good too.

Sound: 10
The tunes to the game matche well and the Boss and battle BGM's are pretty cool. Especially the battle with Magus!

Gameplay: 9
Its still got the same old turn based battles but with new commands drifting awy from the boring old Final Fantasy Attack, Item, Run, and Magic.

Overall: 9
Rpg lovers will get hooked, there are also many alternate endings too close every story not finished yet in the game for the acception of Larvas.

If you do beat the game and its alternate endings, I would recomend getting the sequel of this game CHONO Crossfor the ps1. If you have a PS2, give it a spin. At first the 2 games have nothing in common till you keep playing on. This game also happenes to be the first RPG turn based that finally takes away the boring ol level up stat since FFX. Now you can just battle enemies and get stronger but them you have star levels from bosses too.


Reviewer: RPG MASTER Date: Mar 22, 2004
One of the BEST games i've ever played...on any system. Hours of fun are contained in this great game. The storyline is won't want to stop and the battles are as fun as i've short, my favorite game of all time.

Graphics: 9
Not perfect, but very smoothe and colorfull. The map graphics could be better, but the great battle graphics make up for it.

Sound: 10
Great music. I cought myself a few times staring at the screen with my toes tapping. The battle sounds are great too, swords, guns and arrows, not to mention the magic sound effects, bueatufully done sound.

Gameplay: 10
Is there any doubt to this one, the best game i've ever played. Interchanging party members, racing on an abandoned freeway...not too mention the great battles and other games you can play.

Overall: 10
Like i've said...the best game i've played. You will get hooked, and you will like it. Get ready too fill like your runing the show, you are the man and you control everything that goes on in your party.

If it was a movie, Two thumbs up. But cause it's a game, 10-10. i loved Chrono Trigger and you will too.


Reviewer: ForgottenPlague Date: Dec 17, 2003
For RPG lovers and/or collectors, this is a great game and is needed. Other then the Breath of Fires and Final Fantasies, this is by far the best game. Good job SquareSoft.

Graphics: 10
The graphics when it comes to SNES, it has been done beautifully. When you go through the game you will be wondering why some other games look like they didn't get much work on them. Even when the weapons get changed you can see differences in some of thier appearences and affects. Don't want to spoil it so watch the ending movie for yourself.

Sound: 10
Chrono Trigger has the most creative music when it comes to the themes. When you playing the game the sounds make you think that the sounds are actually being done then just being played.

Gameplay: 10
Like in normal RPG's, it has the turn-based system, easy turn lurn and all, but the character's techniques are able to combine with eachother's to make stronger moves. With this, new forms of strategy come in to make the game more enjoyable.

Overall: 10
Obviously a 10 (couldn't go any higher anyway) with the greatest graphics and sound SNES has to offer and newer form of combat and strategy. The story will also astound you along with the side quests wanting you to play it over and over, which you can because of the New Game+ system that allows you to do so easier. There are also multiple endings to get which is something to look forward to.

You will not regret playing this game.


Reviewer: Smurf-killer Date: Nov 26, 2003
Like RPG's? Even if you don't, you should play this game! My favorite SNES game is Final Fantasy 3, but this one is second. Great game. Hours of gameplay (make that weeks), expansive storyline, a main character with a wicked doo, Chrono Trigger has got it ALL! And after you're done playing it, you can start over with all of you're godlike items!

Read-on lifeless RPG nerd! (Takes one to know one though, hehe.)

Graphics: 8
The only reason I'm givin' it an 8 is because with X-BOX and GAMECUBE there is no contest. But for SNES, this game is rad. Lots 'o details. The only problem is that the weapons all look the same(for each character of course.) It's untouchable even by FF3!

Sound: 8
How's the sound? Do you even have to ask? Great of course! All of the music is different(well, duh) and, well...ok, I can't put it into words! You'll have to take my word for it. Although I haven't played the game in over a year, I can still remember the music. Most of the time that means you're crazy or obsesivive, but it's a good reason to be. This game is great!

Gameplay: 10
I give it a 10. Well what did you expect? Like I mentioned earlier, you can replay it over and over with you're previously aquired items(which is a good thing.) The storyline is untouchable by almost any other RPG(except FF7) and is unique(save for all the posers.) Pretty much any SQUARESOFT game is guaranteed to be great, but this one is awesome. The battle system is unique. You can avoid fights if you want to, because the fights aren't random. The magic you use can be combined with another players to use double or even tripple techniques(as long as it's their turn to attack also.) Well...I don't want to spoil it, so that's all I'll say for now.

Overall: 10
This game is perfect, even though I rated the graphics and music otherwise. Perfect is an insult to the gameplay, but that was the highest rating I could give it. To me, gameplay is the most important anyway. The music is unique, but I usually got Metallica on the stereo anyway. The graphics are as good as it can get for an SNES game, so I'm not complainin'. If you don't try this game, you might as well kill yourself because this game is the answer to that age-old question(why are we here?) God put us here to play this game!


Reviewer: Eich Date: Nov 16, 2003
What can I say, Other than one of the greatest games of all time. Ive been a big RPG fan for most of my 17 years of life, and I can honestly say, Chrono Trigger is one of the best RPG's anyone has to offer.

Graphics: 10
Graphics are superb. Not only does the weapon your charecter is holding change but they also actually swing their weapons at the enemy. The also move in battle, and you fight right where you get into battle, you dont get warped to some battle screen because you fight right there. There is also the Time machine Epoch, when you warp the "Cinema scene" is really unbeleivable.

Sound: 9
The Music and Battle sound are nearly unmatched. The theme music for the characters are timeless. Especially Frog's, and also Magus' theme when you fight him. The music will have you hooked and whistling it all day. And the sound effects in battle are great, Like the "Panging" noise whenever Robo attacks people.

Gameplay: 10
Gameplay Deffinatly a ten. Its easy to learn, and easy to master. Especially the menu's and such. Its smooth, and never complex. You can even take the battle menu's and change the cursor so you can immediatly use your last attack over and over. Very well put together.

Overall: 10
Overall its a 10. No doubt. This game will have you at the controller for days on end, guzzling endless ammounts of Cola or coffee or what have you. The story is Very VERY indepth, Perhaps 100+ hours of Gameplay for just the REGULAR story, forget the side quests. Also After youve beaten the game, You can actually go back and take all your levels and weapons and start the game again. Its a very ingenious feature that i have not seen since, and would possibly like to see again. Anyways, im giving away a little much. The overall point is, This game is just another Perfect Diamond that Squaresoft has Jettisoned out of Production.

If you liked this game, I'd Suggest my favorites, Final Fantasy 3 and Breath of Fire 2.


Reviewer: Fury Date: Nov 10, 2002
There's jut simply so much to say. I don't no where to begin. Maybe I just shouldn't say anything... Silence is Golden. All right. This is game is just totally awesome!!! I played it one or two years ago. This is probably one of the best games you will ever play. It beats out almost everything else.

Graphics: 10
I know some people complain,"Ahh, I can't stand this graphics, they look nothing like Xbox/PS2/Gamecube." I don't care! This graphics simply blow eveything else away. So what, they're pixalated. I enjoy SNES graphics just as well, if not better, then any of these Next-gen systems (and yes, I have an Xbox and a Gamecube, so for those of you who think I'm dissing w/o any bases for anything, your wrong.) And yes, I love Halo, and I love Super Smash Bros. Everything is done in outstanding detail for the time. Chrono's suprised expression is timeless. You fight were you are, not in the fantasy world. You're in a forest, run in to a bad guy, bam, your fighting in a forest, not in some cave. Also, I like how the enemies actually walk around, and it's not random, like Pokemon. There's a wide variety of weapons, armor, and items, and especially the techniques. There just completely mindblowing for an SNES. What else can I say?

Sound: 10
Some of this music is getting up to Mozart level here. I don't know what the guys down at Squaresoft did to get the music so wonderful. But on an 8 channe system, (I think it's eight), which means that you can have eight different instruments, notes, going at the same time, it's very good. I actually downloaded 60 something music themes from Chrono Trigger. They're that good. The sounds when bad guys attack, when you attack, special techniques, etc. It's all music to my ears.

Gameplay: 10
Outstanding gameplay. The battle system is not just some Final Fantasy poser thing. And actually even if it was the same thing, it wouldn't be a poser. It's all made by Squaresoft. Anyways, you can avoid your enemies depending on who presses the button first. The plot is very expansive. Sidequests galore. Spekkio is really cool, you play mini-games with him and stuff. I swear, the only way to win the soda drinking contest is to cheat and slow down the emulator. This game is pure RPG-ing bliss.

Overall: 10
With a plethora of weapons, attacks, enemies, and items, an outstanding musical score, an enthralling plot, and all made by the best RPG company of all time? Where can you go wrong! Anyone will certainly love this game. A must-have.

I thank the men and women at the beautiful company of Squaresoft for making this game possible. I'm speechless. This game will definitely blow you away.

(get it? chrono TRIGGER. ^_^ hee hee.)


Reviewer: Sir Sam of Sammy Date: Sep 9, 2002
If you ever get to my review read it might as well right?

Anyway, this game.... RULES! My second favorite RPG my first being Final Fantasy VII, which just is the best RPG ever!

Read on ye who has no life.

P.S. However, I dont know how I should be one to talk, since I read them all and am now adding my own thoughts.

Graphics: 9
Loved it. Alot of attention to detail. Biggest thing lacking is the weapons. Marle always has a crossbow, Chrono always a katana, etc. Not much change in picture for a game that seems to have everything.

Sound: 8
Some pleasant music. Fits the time of place well with the music. Not much to say beyond that.

Gameplay: 10
This game has it all. A fighting system that lets you combine certain techs to make super techs, re-playabilty, because you always miss some things, unless you look it up on the net (in which case I boo you), side quests, oh and an old man at the end of time. Now how many games have you played that have that?

Overall: 10
In the end this is one I am telling you to play if you are any sort of RPG fan, even if your not im telling you to play this game, it rules! You will become addicted the moment you walk into the millenia fair and play your first game of betting on the winner of the race. Which to me seems the Green Ambler wins more often then he should. Steel Runner looks to fat to make it to the starting line let alone run around a track. Catalack who is a cat and shouldnt give a elephants behind about a race, and GI Joe who I think looks the best prepared for such a race. 10 for 10!

Otter pops rule! Green is the best! *eats a green otter pop*


Reviewer: Draconias Galactica Date: Aug 21, 2002
This game is awesome. Read on to find out why.

Graphics: 10
Some might think this game doesn't look as good as the current crop of system's graphics (PS2, GCN, XBOX), but I don't. All the charecters are very large and detailed compared to other SNES RPG's. Also, each time period has a very distinctive look. There are also some nice effects like light shining through forests, or the hovering mist that disapears when enemies use bright attacks.

Sound: 9
The soundtrack is great. It's limited by the SNES's sound capabilities, but it still sounds great. There's happy themes, sad themes, creepy themes, all sorts of great music. The sound effects are nice too, but a bit limited. A lot of critters yell (before beggining combat) the same way.

Gameplay: 10
This game is just plain fun to play. First off, the battle system. It's ATB, but there are some differences from the SNES Final Fantasies. The primary difference is that you can actually SEE your enemies before they attack, and what's more you can AVOID the enemies if you want. Also, battle takes place where the encounter occured which is a bit more belivable than being transported to the magical battle world of many other games. Finally, there is a combination of techniques, and magic. You start off with techniques only, but you eventually learn magic. However, tech/magic skills aren't just limited to one person attacking at a time. Up to all three members of your party can combine their techniques and magic to form a powerful combo attack.

Now, the story. The plot is not incredably complicated, but it's a good story with a fair amount of twists. Also, the charecters are all very well done. There are some translation hickups occasionally, but those don't happen too often. The plot at the start goes like this. You're Crono, and with a name like that you're just begging somebody to hurl you through time. It doesn't take that long, because your friend Lucca invents a teleportation machine and takes it to the melenial fair. It teleports fine at first, but then when Marle (a girl Crono meets at the fair) steps in, it acidentally rips a hole in time/space. So natuarally, it's up to you to figure out where she went and rescue her.

Overall: 10
This is quite possibly the best RPG on the SNES (no easy feat, considering the large amount of competition on that system). Not only that, it's also possibly the best game, period, on the SNES. You need to play this game. You need to play it now. On SNES, or PS1 (you deal with bad load times, but you get many extras), it doesn't matter. You must play this game.

There's a sequal for this game out on PS1, Chrono Cross. It's different, but still a good game. If you beat Chrono Trigger, you might as well check it out.


Reviewer: Naal Date: Apr 23, 2002
If someone were to ask me what my favorite video game of all time was, I would say Chrono Trigger without any hesitation. It has interesting characters, great music, and a wonderful plot.

Graphics: 10
Obviously, these graphics aren't as good as the ones for playstation or Gamecube, but I think that the graphics are great for the time and system the game was made for. Characters are easily recognizable at a glance, and everything is colourful and well-done.

Sound: 10
I can't get enough of the amazing music in this game. It is by far the greatest music I have ever heard in a video game (I like it even better then the [email protected] music in FF7). The other sound effects are also great, and it is pure audio bliss.

Gameplay: 10
The controls are great and easy to learn. The game even has fun ways to test how good you are with a controller, such as the assorted games at the Millenial Fair.

Overall: 10
Too bad there isn't an 11. Oh well. Chrono Trigger is pure video game perfection, and no matter how many times I play it, I won't get bored. In my opinion, it is the greatest video game of all time, and I cannot get enough of it.

If you haven't played Chrono Trigger yet, I highly recommend that you do so. You won't be dissapointed.


Reviewer: The Great DL Date: Mar 21, 2002
Not a bad game at all. I played through several times and it is still as captivating as the first time through. It has a plotand music bested only by Final Fantasy 7(The Best Game Ever!)Overall a great game!

Graphics: 9
It's graphics are very good for a SNES game. It has a clear, beautiful picture, with character facial expressions and a wonderful display of movement and attacks during battle.

Sound: 10
EXCELLENT! The music, like all good movies, set the tone for the game. The music was kind of sad, but overall It rivals the best musical sound track for any game (ff7) Sound effects were great, including sword swipes and other such affects.

Gameplay: 8
A simple yet engrossing plot, the game had several surprizes and many, many endings (at least 12) and i enjoyed playing the entire game. It's a moderatly long game, about 25-30 hours, perfect for a week's gameplay. The battle system was good, and I like being able to avoid fighting. I really hate fighting so much in the final fantasy games. However, the fighting itself wasn't too good. Turn based was much better. Or, perhaps a system like Final Fantasy Tactics.

Overall: 9
Overall an incredible game. I recconmend it for a RPG fan who is looking for something different, someone tired of the ever getting worse plots of Final Fantasy (7 excluded, of course) I loved playing this game, and I plan on playing it again.

Incredible Game! One of the best for SNES, posibly beating out even Final Fantasy 3. I highly reccomend this game to anyone with a decent amounto of thime to play it!


Reviewer: Hugh Jass Date: Mar 3, 2002
My cousin suggested to me to play this game a few months ago. i'm not really into rpg's so i sort of blew him off at first, but a few weeks ago i finally did download it and i LOVE this game. anyone with no REAL obsessions and a few weeks of their life to give up should try it out.

Graphics: 10
Great graphics! Ok, maybe not stunning, not quite as good as Mario RPG (the only other rpg I ever play) but better than most games, especially most of the battle animations and characters.

Sound: 7
you know, i really didn't listen to it much, so i can't give you a very accurate rating here. mostly just turned the volume down and cranked up smashing pumpkins. but what I DID hear was pretty good anyway, except for the lullabye ones in s couple endings.

Gameplay: 10
This is the real heart of the game. The gameplay is great. one of the first things i noticed as cool was the way the battles are set up. When you get into a fight, rather than send you to some ""battle screen"" like on so many other games I've played,(part of why i don't like most rpg's much. I'm looking at you Final Fantasy # whatever) you fight right where you are, and the enemies actually walk around, they aren't an inanimate picture that occasionally flashes a colour. The storyline is great, and kept me hooked all through the game and still now. i expect it to stick with me until maybe my mid-thirties.....the controls are good, but i played it using the keyboard, which gets occasionally confusing trying to remember which buttons you set as l or r. The characters are great, and the New Game + is a cool idea that should be adopted by more games. Overall it beats just about everything else on this system for gameplay.

Overall: 10
Since 10 is as high as it goes, it gets that easily, though it may desrve 12 or 13 at the very least. Even if you don't like RPG's, it's a great game that will break barriers for you. The only downside is there's not enough, but thinking about it, can there ever be enough of this game?

Chrono Trigger is the ultimate rpg-hater's RPG. Anyway, this game has made me respect rpg's and actually start to play them. I don't want a bunch of spam sent to me telling me that Final Fantasy is the greatest game ever and i should be quartered for saying any different, etc. because i have played FF3 and 5, but overall they just don't stand up to Chrono Trigger.


Reviewer: Brain Sore Date: Feb 14, 2002
No doubt about it, this is a great game. The game play is fantastic, and will keep you going for hours(I ended up playing half the game in one day). This game has just about everything you could want in a RPG. It has a good solid story line. It's simple, easily understood, but not the best I've ever seen. The battle system is about the same as final fantasy's but that's what happens when the same company makes those games. For the most part, if you haven't played this game, you're missing out on one of the best RPGs.

Graphics: 7
The graphics are pretty good, but not something that you want to see more of. When you're in a castle or a town, the graphics are simply fantastic, but when you're travelling the outside world, you look like a tiny puppet. At that time, you'll actually want to hurry up and get back indoors...not very good. But, when you get detailed, you won't feel bad anymore. Nice backgrounds, and the characters look fantastic(Magus is the best looking character I've ever seen in a RPG). The graphics make the cut, but it loses points with walking in the outside world.

Sound: 9
Not bad sound for the snes. Impresses me. I don't pay too much attention to it though, I'm the kind that likes to turn off the sound and listen to my own music thank you very much.

Gameplay: 10
Easy to control. You can avoid enemies if you want. The tech system is a good thing. I like it.

Overall: 9
It's a good game. Loses points on the graphics though(I hate that puppet look). Great gameplay. Reply is good, mainly because of the alternate endings, and new game+.

NEW GAME +!!!!!!! I've said enough.


Reviewer: Scavenger Date: Feb 4, 2002
First of all this game is the best RPG ever made it surpass's Final Fantasy in so many ways that it is not even comparable.I have finished FF7 and FF9 and they were great but believe me this game has it all, the plot is so rich I just can't believe this game was on the Snes.

Graphics: 9
For the Snes the graphics on this game were great, I've played alot of games on the Snes and this one seems to stand out from the others, the colours are well choosen they blend in to make the perfect scenery. The battles are incredible but the magic attacks lack something some more flashing shapes or colours.But in all the graphics are extremely good in this, you won't be disapointed.

Sound: 9
In all RPG's the music always seems to have the same pattern and the same boring tone.But in this game you get a variaty of soundtracks that doesn't make you crazy after playing for a couple of hours.

Gameplay: 10
The best !

I love the way you encounter ennemies in this game it's first hand you see the ennemy it isn't based on just walking on the playing screen and an ennemy pops out at you, the active gameplay is also pretty interesting and have you on the edge all the time,like I said in the beginning, the best.

Overall: 10
Overall this game is a 10, it holds all the key elements to make this game, in my opinion the best RPG ever.

Try it and see !!!


Reviewer: Chanlin007 Date: Feb 3, 2002
Ahem, this is the best RPG of all time in my book. From the story, to the gameplay, to the magic, to the sidequests. This game has it all. I continually play it, and to show you how much I enjoy it, this review will include some very sad (very useless) trivia.

Graphics: 10
For SNES standards this game took the SNES to the edge. The character animations were clearly defined. They even had facial expressions, albeit they were just different models of the character (as were all the animations) they looked great.

The spell graphics were awesome as well, I especially like the graphics on the Pyozzo Dance, and Dark Eternal spells.

The game overall has an anime style graphic that I have come to love in square RPG's

Sound: 10
Music made this game what it was. I for one am a fan of music in many games. The music was never, ever out of place for whatever event was taking place. Just like a good movie, the music set the mood in this game. I particularly liked the times without music (magus' castle etc) they served to set and erie dark mood.

Sound effects were great too. From sword slashes, to Robo pounding his chest, to the alarms in the future realm, the sounds never seemed out of place.

Gameplay: 10
You fight on the terrain. I for one am a fan of making RPG's realistic, tho this is set in a fantasy world, the characters actually run up to one another to attack, and they fight on whatever terrain is present.

The menus were easy to understand, and the items were clearly defined in what they were used for. There was no question as to what an item did. The game becomes easy once you know what to do, but is still enjoyable on each play through. Expect about 50 hours play if you do this without a guide, 30 if you know what your doing.

Once you hit new game + you can clear the game in about 25 hours ( 2 days of play)

Overall: 10
This game is my personal all time favorite. I could go on and on, but to prove a point.

Marles best weapon is the Valkyrie not the Siren.

Magus has roughly 96 monsters in his castle (not 100 like it says, Yes I counted)

There are 12 cattegorizable endings, not 15 as some say (this is official according to Square, 12 endings, so please no arguments)

Anyway, enough rambling.

If the cattegory reviews haven't convinced you how much I like the game, nothing I can say here will.


Reviewer: The Javeman Date: Dec 27, 2001
Chrono Trigger is, to date, one of the finest RPGs in the history of viedogames. I don't think there's any other, not even a sequel, that will be able to top this one.

Graphics: 9
The design of the characters is perfect, Akira Toriyama sure did an amazing job, and the towns and enemies are great, one of the best aspects of the game.

Sound: 10
Even though the sound effects are decent, the music is a true masterpiece. Every melody, specially the ""soap-opera stylish"" ones, are done in a perfect way, they all join the game in the right moment.

Gameplay: 10
You'll be hooked to this game for months. There's clearly no way that you'll leave the screen until you're through with the game completely. And the fact that the game has so many endings, you'll really want to see them all.

Overall: 10
An amazing game, perfect in almost every way. Even if you're not a fan of RPGs, give this one a shot, because you can be really surprised.

""The game's over. Go to the New Game+ option and clear it again.""


Reviewer: Indalecio Date: Oct 9, 2001
This was one of Squaresoft's finest works in my opinion.

Graphics: The graphics of the game are very well done, there are larger, more detailed sprites and some impressive animations, however they do not compare to other games such as Star Ocean or Tales of Phantasia in the category. The different animation and textures for each specific weapon is always a plus.

Sound: Chrono Trigger has one of the best video game soundtracks I've ever listened to. Except for the normal battle theme, every piece of music is good on its own. The music and sound effects never had, nor ever will, bother me.

Gameplay: Yeah, the game can keep you entertained for hours. It's always nice to be able to avoid random battles when you're not in a fighting mood, and that makes the game more realistic. The menu system is easy to use after you've been in it a few times, and the fact that other party members gain experience points even though they're not in the active party is always a plus.

Overall: One of the finest RPGs I've ever played, this surpasses MANY of the RPGs on PlayStation (Then again I guess many SNES RPGs do that, heh)

---Other Ratings---

Storyline/Plot (Rating: 10): The Past>Future plot was well done, many events happen if you do something in the past and it effects the future. It was obviously a well thought-out story, when I first played the game I experienced many surprises. The fact that it is not based on one ultimate goal and that throughout the entire game there is only one thing you're trying to do is always a nice thing.

Replay Value (Rating: 8): After you get through this game once, you'll probably want to play it again, because not only is it a fun game, but you'll want to try to get things you've missed. It's always a new experience to have different people fight in your party, too.

Length (Rating: 7): Not the longest game, it all depends on what you decide to do or not to do, but long enough to keep you occupied for quite a while.

Battle System (Rating: 6): The old turn-based battle system can become slow and somewhat boring for those who have experienced Tales of Phantasia or Star Ocean, and is generally not that exciting. However, the system allows you to combine techniques with other members of your party, resulting in higher-damage attacks, which is the highlight of Chrono Trigger's battle system. I also like that it doesn't go to a ""battle screen"" when you fight; you just fight on the terrain, which is more realistic

I would recommend this game to anyone who likes RPGs and hasn't already played it (So few of you, I know...)


Reviewer: Aspian Date: Sep 19, 2001
This game is to the super nintendo as FF7 is to the playstation. It is one of the finest games I have ever seen. For the graphics, they are rather good quality, what you would normally expect from a RPG, but they are unique and instead of having only one or two emotions with clear animations, Crono Trigger has many, and not just ?s or !s over the character's heads. The backgrounds are excelent and the number of unique and good looking enimies is amazing. For the sound, this game is the best i have ever heard. The music is catchy, and there is so much of it, that to turn off the sound while playing would be a sin. The sound effects are excelent as well, as they actually sound like what they are representing without the sound being a recording and sounding out of context. For the gameplay, this game has the finest plot for an rpg i have ever seen, and handles the time traveling well, while most time travel games have a hard time keeping the plot in tact. The keys are easy to master, and there is eaisily 40 hours of game play involved in beating it one of the medium ways. There are so many alternate endings and secrets, that the new game plus option is one of my favorite features of the game, and it is unique to this game alone. I would have to give this game a perfect 10.


Reviewer: Dark_Warrior Date: Sep 17, 2001
I have played both Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. Though it was a heavy improvement, Chrono Cross' storyline was very confusing, thus subtracting from its greatness. And now with the re-release of Chrono Trigger, Squaresoft will probably go down in history as the greatest RPG creator ever. With it's deep, but easily understood storyline, Chrono Trigger is quite arguably the best RPG ever made, even surpassing the Final Fantasy Series as well as Phantasy Star, for those of you who have a Genesis. Both serieses have games with great in-depth storylines, but none as grand as Chrono Trigger, I doubt even Final Fantasy X's storyline will meet the granduer of Chrono Trigger. Squaresoft has set a high standard that I doubt even they will be able to beat. Graphics State-Of-The-Art at the time of release, deep, involving music, and sound. You feel as if you are there. The ability to make the party however you choose, even without the Protagonist. Vivid, unique characters that have never been found in games since. Any game making company would have to pull something massive with a game to surpass this God Among RPGs


Reviewer: Sonical Date: Sep 12, 2001
Chrono Trigger was introduced to me by a friend after I finished Final Fantasy 7 on the PSX. I instantly fell in love with RPG's after FF7, but was sceptical that an old Snes game could match it for depth.

How wrong could I possibly be.
Chrono Trigger is, by far, the most engaging and thrilling RPG I have ever experienced. It is a prime example of how an RPG should be done, and restored my interest in the SNES and pre-32bit era RPGs.

Where do I begin?
Well firstly, I must stress that the graphics aren't particulary groundbreaking, but are bold, colourful, and well animated. The effects during the battles are particulary impresive, but overall they are good, not great. This is no Donkey Kong Country. But it does have style and character and that counts for more.
The sound is very good, with some great melodies and sound effects.

However, this is not what makes this game so exceptional.
What does is the gamelplay, the battle system, the epic storyline, the vastness of this game, and the characters that hold it all together.

The battle system, to me, is the best in any RPG. Combining the fluidity of a real-time system with the tactical options of a menu system, Chrono Trigger provides a unique system all of its own. It is easy to get to grips with, yet grows with your characters, allowing for more complex attacks, meaning harder tactical decisions. I've always hated random battles, but with Chrono Trigger
that is no concern as you can see your enemies attack you and face them head on, or try to avoid them. you and your enemies line up, the menu bars pop up at the bottom, and your away.

There are the usual physical and magic attacks, (in the form of techniques) but I particular loved the dual and triple techinque attacks. Seeing all three of your charcters attack in a combined effort is dazzling and immensly satisfying.

But what makes this game so pleasurable to play, is the story and characters. Each has their own personality, some will make you laugh, others will make you fearful, and some you just can't help but feel sympathy for. There are set-pieces, twists and turns, bosses and villians, heros and heroines, and so much more. But what makes it better is that it just keeps on going. I don't want to give anything away really, but just when you think this game is coming to an end, another monumental task presents itself to your group of heros to conquer. Even when you do finish the game, there are another 13 endings, (so I believe) to see!

All I can say is that this is a landmark in RPG's. Breathtaking, exciting, and completly enjoyable from beginning to end. If you haven't played it yet, you're missing out on a piece of gaming history.

Squaresoft's best work, and, in my opinion, the greatest RPG, (if not game), of all time.


Reviewer: Dan Date: Jul 26, 2001
I actually had never played this game prior to the word of a sequel for it.
Last spring when i read about Chrono Cross coming out I told my friend, who
had been raving about how this game was by far the best role playing game ever
made on the SNES. Having previously played and beaten Earthbound, Mario RPG, and
(The King of them all) Final Fantasy 3, I had a strong disbelief in my friend's
enthusiastic review. However, once i started the game I was addicted. While I
had heard from others on the internet that the quests at the end of the game
were all optional, I took every advantage to explore through this huge and
twisting world. This game is different from all the rest in that there are 4
worlds, not just 1 or 2, plus this game is not a no-turning-back game, where you
must leave one world for another and you can't go back. These worlds are all
connected, what you do in 10000 B.C. affects all of the future worlds. Anyways
on to my ratings.

Graphics : 10 - I would rather give the graphics a 9.5, but I do think it
deserves something better than 9 so I gave it a 10. The only game with better
graphics, the game that pushed the limits of the machine, Mario RPG.

Sound : 10 - Do I have to explain this? One of the best video game sound tracks
to date.

Game Play : 10 - More depth than most new RPG's for Dreamcast, PSX, and PS2.
ranks up there with the Final Fantasy series.


Reviewer: Krono Date: Jul 26, 2001
This game is perfect, there's simply no other way to describe it.

The game begins simply enough, but the plot, gameplay, and even to an extent, the musicals, thicken and thicken to the final climax at the conclusion of the game. (I literally fell off my chair when Lucca [A character] explained why the boss bad guy was on earth) Speaking of characters, Chrono Trigger DE-LIVERS. Phenomonal character development. There's (only) six (or seven, hee hee), but with the small amount, that allows the game to focus on them with incredible depth, much more than the newer Chrono Cross, where you only recieve tidbits about some, and nothing about others (Still, besides that, its a great game, but that's for another review). Believe me, if you don't get this game you're missing out on... THE BEST GAME OF ALL TIME! (cheesy, but hey, sue me)

Now for a quick look at the characteristics

Graphics: Wow, INCREDIBLE graphics. Sure, it's showing its age, with the new consoles, but it still looks good, and to tell you the truth, if it were upgraded to looks something like modern rpg's graphically, I feel it would lose something, the graphics suit the game, pure and simple. The characters are large, colorful, and have a wide range of motion- from running, to jumping, to slashing, to shooting, and so on and so forth (Don't even get me STARTED on spells ;).

Sound: I don't know about anyone else, but I listen to Frog's theme on a regular basis :) The music is great, and fits most the mood nearly every time. The sound effects are top notch, with slashing, and whatnot, and quite a bit of the spells have surprising audio, too.

Gameplay: This, along with story, is where CT truly shines. It has the best battle system of any game, ever, to put it bluntly. You start off with your (Crono's) own set of Techs, which you can use, and then when you get other characters you can combine your techs with theirs to creat Double Techs and ultimately Triple Techs. Astoundingly deep and marvelous to watch. Phenomonal.

Overall: What else is there to say? But, I wouldn't download it, guys, this is a game you have to HAVE. Quite frankly, you, and everyone else, NEEDS this game;) But if you must, go ahead and play it on your emulator. I'll say it before, and I'll say it again: Chrono Trigger is the best game of all time.

(Author's Note: The reason my handle is spelled ""K""rono is because K is infinitely superior to C, that's what I named the main character in CT, and soshould you all! MUHAHAHA! ;)


Reviewer: lance Date: Jul 23, 2001
Graphics: Very good for the snes,this games graphics astonished me over and over again.

Sound: I still have nearly every sound file memorized.

Gameplay: The combat system was good, with the techs and links adding an extra touch.I remember leveling everyone up so high, so I could unlock every single triple tech. The storyline was also very impresive.The only downside was the length of the game, I completed it in under 15 hours.This was the only real downside I could discover.I probably was just spoiled at the time, having completed Lufia 2, Secret of Mana and FF3.But this is the only game, which I continued playing after havin beaten it 5 times, it was very addictive.


Reviewer: Frank Date: Jul 22, 2001
Chrono Trigger has been a really good game that it should be bought when the game is found. It's so rare. Any ways the graphics are better than most super nintendo games. It kind of looks a bit like playstation except with smaller character sprites. It has nice tunes although it sounds like super nintendo.
As for the story goes, I still think Lufia 2 had a better plot. That does not mean that I did not like C, Trigger's plot. I also liked the fact that characters combined their powers. That's all folks.


Reviewer: Kirby Dude Date: Jul 13, 2001
I'm sorry, but I just LOVE this game. And no I didn't just give everything a 10 just cause I like the game. I am gonna explain why.

I Love the graphics. They are very good on a Super Nintendo. I like Super Mario RPG graphics better, but thats 3D. For a 2D system however I think these are the best you can get. You will even see a Polygon here and now. Thats why it gets a 10.

This music just gets me moving a lot. I love the sad music that plays when it show Lavos landing in 65,000,000 BC, it actually made me cry a bit. I also love the Zeal world map music, it is one of the best! Aniother deserving 10

This game gives a million options in battle. I love the combo's you can do with other charcters. Ity is also fun, with the funny and dramatic things people say along the way. The Storyline is far the best ever! Those other stories like Super Mario games made me sick. A Reptile looking monster kidnaps a Princess, how original. But this is built into lots of different quests. Another 10

Well this is the average, so since the others were 10, this is a 10. I like to thank Square for making the best, no, the best game period ever made!!!


Reviewer: Ridian Date: Jul 5, 2001
Graphics: At the time of the Super NES, these graphics were amazing. So much detail was put into this game, that it is just breathtaking.

Sound: The songs in this game are some of the best ever. Don't argue with me.

Gameplay: This game has a great story, great characters, and a great battle system. The only part that dissapointed me was the game length. Now, many people say that this game is really long, but I went through it so quickly. It may be just me, but I wish that it was just a bit longer!

Overall: This game is a classic, and if you don't agree, then you should be fed to Lavos


Reviewer: Soul_Blade Date: Jul 1, 2001
Chrono Trigger is the most amazing RPG and game i have played in my entire life(and ive played quite an few). The graphics are some of the best ever seen on the snes and the chararcter in particular are supremely better than the ones from say final fantasy 3(also one of my favorite games). The story is the deepest and most innovative ive ever heard. The time traveling aspect is cleverly done with ingenois transitions as the heros slowly become more and more involved in the fight to save the planets future. The battle system is my favorite of all time, especially the tech magic system. For the uninitiated your character gains new tech skills as their level grows. The characters in your party can preform double and even triple techs together. One of the highlights of the game is expirementing with the different combo techs your characters can do. With six characters and 3 in the party at one time there is a multide of possible techs. One of my biggest gripes about Chrono Cross(aside from the lack of time ttravel and the old gang of course!) was that each character only ever learned 3 techs and there were only 6 or so characters that could do double techs. All in all chrono trigger is a amazing and stupendous game that all rpg lovers should have and even some of u other gamers out there should try. I hold this as the greatest game ever and the pinnacle of squares efforts.


Reviewer: Vince the RPG master Date: Jun 30, 2001
Graphics:the graphics are the best i seen on the SNES, smooth and lots of character details like movements superb magic effects...ect ect its just the best

Sound: the sound is not bad but the music is a classic...probally the best music in a SNES game or for all systems in that matter

Gameplay: this part of the game is awesome too. Tech moves were you can link them up even if theres not terribally much of them its still a orginal idea but your basic RPG fighting witch is a good thing if your a hardcore RPG fan like me

Overall: best graphics the best music the best storyline...sqaure really outdone them selfve this time


Reviewer: Super Lag Man Date: Jun 23, 2001
Graphics: The characters in the game are larger and mroe detailed than in the Final Fantasies, which is a plus. There's TONS of nice animations for moves, also unlike the SNES FF's, which generally had ""monster moves"" as the attack animation. The spells are also great.

Sound: The music in this game is top-notch. It's more brooding than most RPG's, which is cool, because I'm tired of hearing the same type of music. Yes, the songs are sorrowful, but so is the plot. Also good are the sound effects for attacks.

Gameplay: Chronotrigger has a unique ""tech"" system. Characters use ""techs"" as opposed to spells. The cool thing about this is that your party members can develop double and triple techs to be used with other members of you party. The plot is great; it's very nonlinear and you can change tons of stuff. There's well over a dozen different endings to this game. Also cool is the ""new game plus"" where you start your game over with the levels and stuff you had at the end of the game. This definitely helps you go through the game quickly after you've beaten it once to try out different plot paths and find new endings.

Overall: IMHO, this game is quite possibly the greatest RPG ever, rivaled only by Final Fantasy 6 (FF3 USA).


Reviewer: WhoopA Date: Jun 21, 2001
Someone obviously has a vendetta against this game... uh, nuvermind...

Anyway, I never got the experience of playing Chrono Trigger on the consoles. My first run through the game was filled with... experiences, we shall say, mainly because emulator technology was quite limited. This was back in the days of SNES9x .2, mind you. Even with the limitations I ran across, the game was still heavily immersive and quite fun.

The sheer amount of choices and paths you can take in the game leads to roughly 20 different endings, so I've heard. Boss battles are actually tough instead of really easy (like most of the FF series, although there are some exceptions). The story's okay, but I was more concerned on the gameplay. I can easily see why this is considered one of the best roleplaying games ever.

My biggest gripe comes with the battle system. I am used to the standard Final Fantasy ATB. In this game, even with the time set to ""active,"" the clock still stops for attacks and tech skills. It doesn't detract enough to seriously hamper the rest of the game though.


Reviewer: VKen Date: Jun 21, 2001
Ican't help rating it so high, because it is excellent.
This is one of the games from squaresoft. I have played many RPG games and have developed a liking for Squaresoft RPGs.
This is one of the finest RPG on the SNES system.
If you first look at the graphics, you might think ""What a lousy one..."". But as you go in-depth in tho the game, you will find that it is actually very good. 32 bit-graphics sure put a kick into this game.
The sound are quite ""ordinary"", but when they come out with the correct graphics, the effect is not the same anymore, extraordinary.
The story is about a boy who goes to a fair and get stuck in the time-travel business.
The gameplay is excellent too. The battle system is very interesting, you can go search every game there is (in SNES) and you will never find a battle system like this. Original!!!!!
No doubt it is an excellent game.


Reviewer: Mana Knight Date: Jun 20, 2001
THE Ultimate RPG game for the SNES!! Chrono Trigger has everything a classic rpg should have, the graphics, sound, gameplay and storyline are the greatest you'll ever see from a 16-bit machine. Belive me, if you haven't played it before and you're a die-hard Final Fantasy fan, you won't be dissapointed in CT. And if you love it so much, there's the PSX sequel Chrono Cross! Even if you aren't an rpg gamer, give this one a try, with a deep and rich storyline, you'll be hooked for months, maybe years with this one.
Taking control of up to three characters from a group of seven, you'll battle evil in different time periods to eventually save the world from an evil creature bent on sapping the world's energy away. Using an enhanced FF battle mode system, with a live action feature also used in Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger is definitely one of the greatest rpg's Squaresoft have made. If you still have a real SNES, try to track down this game. An instant classic, if you get hooked and have a PSX, the good news is that CT is going to be re-released on the PSX around July 2001!! Have fun with this one!!