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F1 ROC II: Race of Champions

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Reviewer: Underbird92 Date: Jan 24, 2004
Another F1 game, and this one stuggles a bit in my book. It's not very strong in any areas.

Graphics: 6
The graphics in this game arent bad, but I've seen better. The cars don't look bad, but the tracks stuggle in looking realistic.

Sound: 7
Sound and music isn't bad. Engine sounds don't sound bad, and the music is quite catchy.

Gameplay: 5
Being able to choose from diffent types of race cars bring F1 ROC II up a bit, but the tracks bring it down again. The tracks have nothing to do with F1 and are in unrealistic places, such as the moon. Whats up with that!?!

Overall: 5
Not a great game overall. It takes a real big fan of auto racing games to be able to play this one for more than 10 minutes.

Not a great game but I dont want to keep you from just taking a look at it.