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Reviewer: Joe Date: Jun 22, 2002
SURVEY SAYS!! This game is based on the Ray Combs version of the Family Feud Challenge Hour.

Graphics: 9
This game retains its looks from the real TV counterpart for the most part. You'd might be fooled into thinking it was the real thing until you saw the contestants.

Sound: 9
Once again, the sound effects are 99% close to the real thing, with a few minor exceptions, but with this game, it just doesn't really matter.

The think music, IMO, is rather corny, but you can turn it off in the options screen. (Corn pone, anyone?)

However, you get to hear a "Good Answer!" once in a while.

Gameplay: 10
The gameplay is based on the Family Feud rules of the early 90s version. ($300 wins the game, Bull's-eye round, Fast money wins get you the Bull's-eye jackpot)

Overall: 9
This is one great party game. It is a MAJOR and do I mean MAJOR improvement from the NES version of Family Feud.