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Fatal Fury

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Reviewer: Brad Guerrie Date: Jun 30, 2001
Fatal Fury is sort of a cult classic. Among King of Fighters fans, this game is a serious must play. The graphics and sound do suffer a bit, but you'd do well to at least play through it once or twice. If you're looking for chalenge, look no further. This is the only Fighting game where cheap tactics are the only way to beat the computer but will do you no good against human opponents. The story is actually pretty respectable. It centers around Terry Bogard, his brother Andy, Andy's friend, Joe Higashi, and the evil Geese Howard. According to the story, 10 years ago, Geese killed Terry and Andy's adopted father, Jeff. (Thier real father is unknown) They've spent the last 10 years training in martial arts, looking for an opportunity to avenge Jeff's murder. Geese hoasts an annual tournament, the King of Fighters, and street toughened Terry and the master bone breaker, Andy, see this as a perfect opportunity to avenge thier fathers murder. I won't ruin the ending, but if you played Capcom VS SNK and are curious as to the origin of Terry and Geese, this is the best way to find out. I'm a bit partial to this game, but it's still not too bad.