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Fatal Fury 2

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Reviewer: Brad "Rock" Guerrie Date: Jul 5, 2001
This game actually stands out in the fighting game genre because it is where many key King of Fighters characters are derived from. The story fits neatly in line with the original, Geese's defeat leads new and more chalenging opponents to fight Terry, among them the mighty Wolfgang Krauser. This is also the game that intoduced Kim Kaphwan and Mai Shiranui who appeared in Capcom VS SNK. Many of the original characters have been abandoned, Tung Fu Rue was killed in the first game, Billy is gone due to Geese being gone, Raiden has assumed the identity of Big Bear, and the other characters simply do not make an appearence. Among the more intriguing features of this game are the ""Plane Shift"" and the ""S-Power"" moves. Plane shifting is similar to 3-D running in later games, but it only takes place across one plane of play- you can dodge into the background or the foreground, but that's about it. S-Power is the earliest known form of move that causes huge dammage and requires special conditions for it's use. This was the first time Terry ever used the Power Geyser, and the first time you see Andy's Super Explosive Rending Bullet. The controls can be a bit unforgiving, especially if you're used to street fighter or other games that are easier to handle. Some of the moves require multiple half circular movements in conjunction with several buttons, but for fans of the Fatal Fury series, this one of the greatest games!