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Final Fantasy II

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Reviewer: Sir Sam of Sammy Date: Sep 15, 2002
Hi.... Im Sir Sam of Sammy..... *studders* I'm not good at speeches! AGHHHHH!!! *runs from the room*

Graphics: 6
The graphics are ok. For the time period they were probably very cool. However, I gave it a 6 because FF3 out classes them by a long shot, which isnt saying much, since its still in the FF series. So no bad remark on them, they get it right eventually. except *cough* FF9 *cough* Anyway back to the graphics. They are interesting enough, will keep you entertained the first few times, but after that you'll just take it in stride.

Sound: 8
the Final Fantasy games always seem to get some intersting tunes on their games. So its no suprise that these ones are decent. You'll enjoy them for a while. However, nothing you'll burn onto CD so you can carry it around.

Gameplay: 10
Excellent gameplay. Twists in the story like you wouldnt believe. You're like, ""What! No way! Hes the bad guy!"" Thats all I'm gonna say, no need to ruin it for all of you. Well like I was saying Square is an excellent RPG maker and this one is no exception. You will not get bored of this one, and like me probably play it to the end. Like most Final Fantasy games they've always got some new twist to keep you playing.

Overall: 10
So enjoy this game and having Cecil turn into a Paladin, er, wait! Nevermind! Cecil doesnt turn into a Paladin, in fact, there is no Paladin! Forget I said anything about Cecil and that he turns into a Paladin. Which he doesnt! And you dont have to fight your dark side to do it ....... Doh!

P.S. If you dont want to know part of the story dont read the passage above ...... hmmmmm, this should probably be above that one. Oh well, life is tough, get a helmet.


Reviewer: Mefax822 Date: Mar 7, 2002
Final Fantasy II began a new revolution of RPG gaming which surpased that of any other RPG then on the market. The various elements in this game including it's diverse sound and music, revolutionary animation, and excelent storyline made it vastly supperior to FFI, which had many flaws (it relly made me crazy when i would get an ineffective after a monster had been destroyed).

Graphics: 9
The graphics in FFII, although rather elementary compared to todays standards, oferered a great experience to the gamer and brought more life into the games with greater animations. The spells in this game were much more lively and animated as well as the attacks. Generally rather involved and excelent graphics for its time

Sound: 9
The sound effects in this game were very effective and precise, and the diversity and power in the music made this game much more effective than that of any other titles. In many games, music becomes repetative, dull, and lacking variety, but in this game, the music remains subtle and powerfull while having a sufficient variety to keep it interesting. It was also very important to establish the moods and realities of the certain parts of the game

Gameplay: 10
The gameplay of this game was excelent throughout. During the entire game, there was sufficient independence of movement W/ airship(which all RPG players enjoy) in combination with enough structure so that you don't get lost. The storyline was also very engaging and developed logically and in a rather realistic manner. Creative and dynamic in play and storyline, five characters in stead of 4 or 3 was also interesting

Overall: 10
Overall, this game incorporated all the necessary elements of a good RPG in a brilliant manner, and had a great story line and accompanying music to boot. Although there were some minor flaws, they did not detract from the overall experience of the game which was vastly superior to anything else of it's time. I still consider this game superior to many RPG's today, even though they technology they had to work with was much less involved

This RPG is a must play for gamers of all types, even if you have no experience or pashion for the genre(you may get hooked).


Reviewer: Naseredin Date: Jul 17, 2001
The problem wiht most rpg's of today is that they keep rehashing series from the past that don't offer any new experience or sensation that the original had.
The Final Fantasy Series is one of the most prime examples. FF2/4, FF3/6, are 2 of the greatest games of the rpg genre and honestly in my opinion of any genre as well. But since the FF 7, there has been something missing in Squaresoft RPG's. 8 lacked a storyline and battlesystem, 9 lacked the fun of the past games and also the battle system felt tired. This was just released on Final Fantasy Chronicles and I bought it the day it came out for PSX. There are 3 greatest RPG's ever made by Squaresoft in the SNES era and they were
1. Secret of Mana
2. Final Fantasy 3/6
3. Final FAntasy 2/4
This game is a gem.
The story can get somewhat cheesy you'll see as characters come and go
but the overall plot and character development make up for it tremendously.
The graphics are standard FF. FF 3 has better.
The sound is good though some songs get played too much though in areas but overall it won't make ya rip off your ears.
Replay is high cause the overall secrets is up there with FF3 and Chrono Trigger
Most Squaresoft RPG's nowdays are either good or just rehashes and unfortunately that really is a shame cause the games they released up to FF 7 are all gems......... Hell they even made Mario games more than just cutesty platform games....Check out Super Mario RPG to see what I'm saying.
Anyway great game and definitely worth checking out.
Oh and by the way for what Squaresoft did to Chrono Trigger with that ridicilous Chrono Cross is inexcuseable. That was my last bit of faith in them when I bought that game and that was the last bit I had left after I played it
It's not a bad game it's not worthy though of Chrono Trigger's sucessor and that's why I am not pleased.
ALthough the cameos were decent
see ya


Reviewer: Frostbite Date: Jun 18, 2001
As with it's brethren, this game is all about plot. The story is the best reason to play. Though a few parts are liberally piled with melodrama, the plot is very enjoyable. Character improvement and encounter difficulty were balaced in such a manner that it was never necessary to 'hunt for experience', and yet the encounters were still moderatly challanging throughout the game.

Because the plot plays so heavily in the entertainment value of this game, it has limited replay value. It is also interesting to note that the game contains lots of minor grammar errors. This is a theme that, thankfully, Square hasn't continued in it's more recent entrys of the series.

The graphics in this game definatly won't blow you away, but they are far from horrid. Battle-scene animations are nicely done, but the various 'dances' featured in most of the game's cities could definatly be done without.

If you can read this review then you will have no trouble with the game's controls. There is nothing fancy about the controls. Though the manual is available on this site, it's only perpose serves to ruin the story by spilling the beens ahead of time. Take my advice and don't download the manual at all. You won't need it. If you really need help with the battle controls the in-game instruction should be more then adequate.

Sound in the game is good. Though nothing spectacular, I managed to play the entire game without getting annoyed by the music once.

6/18/01 Frostbite