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Reviewer: Franklin Date: Aug 31, 2005
I am a huge RPG fan, and this game is as good as it comes. for its time it had the best mesh of graphics, gameplay, plot, and replay value. There are temporary characters with their own subplots, side quests specific to each of the 7+ playable permanent characters, as well a ton of other sidequests to keep you busy for days. If you rush it and don't spend any time leveling, this game can be conqured in 48 hours, with an average playtime of 25 hours of main plot and a ton of sidequests. With no real main character, a 4 person battle system and highly detailed battle animations, this game rocks!

Graphics: 8
For its time, the graphics are top notcH. Not untill FF7 have I seen better. The game was redone with a few animated movies for playstation under is Jap-title Final Fantasy 6 with no real graphics enhancements, but lets face it, this is an RPG. Graphics come second to story...something developers have forgotten in this the age of shiny.

Sound: 10
What can I say, it's a FF game, the music is perfect. There are places in the game where the music matches the plot so well it envigorates, or makes you wanna cry. Without the music, this is little more than an interactive book. The game features classic 2-D movement with a false 3-D overlay to the map that lets one go behind buildings, and a rotating perspective world for riding the Chocobos.

Gameplay: 9
Menu driven battles and an expansive overhead world, what more can one ask for to go along with the most dynamic story to ever grace the series?

Overall: 10
It don't get much better than this without being the next title in the series. Let's face it, FF hasn't made any mistakes (except FFX2).

The game speakes for its self. Play it. If you're a modern RPGer and haven't played the old 2-d's this is a good place to start, abandon the shiny for good plot, lots to do, and become one with the game!


Reviewer: Ice Snake Date: Aug 15, 2005
How could anybody give this game a rating of anything below 9.5? This is the greatest Final Fantasy game ever and very easily the greatest rpg ever. Everything about this game works perfectly and the story alone is enough to keep you playing. You have to have this game. Period.

Graphics: 10
Some of the best graphics you'll see for a SNES game. Evreything looks great and battle images flow well and look great too.

Sound: 10
Final Fantasy 3 has the best music of any SNES game. Each character has their own theme and they all sound great and are memorable. I could hum any one of those songs right now.

Gameplay: 10
Every character is unique and brings something different to the battle. The esper magic system goes beyond the basic ways of learning magic as seen in other games. Battles never get boring or reptitive and most battles won't be won by just simply attacking.

Overall: 10
Perfect. The Final Fantasy series definitely reached its peak with this one. It is a masterpiece, plain and simple.

Any knowledged rpg fan can tell you how this is one of the greatest. This game gets overshadowed by Final Fantasy 7 which was really the first graet Playstation game. Fianl fantasy 3/6 doesn't get the credit it deserves.


Reviewer: Silas Matriarch Date: Apr 20, 2005
This is by far my favorite rpg of all time. Nothing compares to it in my opinion. With a deep plot, graphics unrivaled for the time period that it came out in, and music to match. There are few games, if any, that meet the standards that this game created for rpgs.

Graphics: 10
I understand that given todays technology you might think that a 10 is just a little overboard, but I assure you that, given the time period that the game was created in there wasn't a game out there that could beat the graphics of this game. Detail put into the terrain of the map, the whole scene in the beginning of the game with the approach to Narche is proof enough. The way the air ship flew around the world, the sky, the ground, its unmatched by any other snes game Ive seen

Sound: 10
The music score for this game is perfect. The mysterious music when you enter a dark mansion. The up beat swing when you enter the bars, The shift of the world music at that pivotal point in the game, It flows together. Though there are a few songs that get on my nerves, they are catchy and do go along with the mood.

Gameplay: 10
One of a kind story line that catches you from the first few minutes of watching the beginning. You are hooked by the mystery of one girl trying to find herself and drawn into so many more deeper plots and twists. This storyline is unmatched even untill today.

Overall: 10
Overall yes this game is perfect. From its beautiful and interesting scenery, to the twisted and interesting plot and character development, this game is a must own for all rpg lovers. And with no set main character, you are free to experiment which group best fits your fancy.

Don't try it expecting the graphics and sound to rival today's technology, otherwise you will be sadly disapointed. Instead, play for the plot, and see if you can't get yourself away from it like I couldn't


Reviewer: Kawasaki_Ninja Date: Jan 25, 2004
In my opinion, this is the best game ever made. No Final Fantasy, or game period has ever equaled this RPG in depth, both of plot and gameplay

Graphics: 10
Aside from Mario RPG, this is the best they've ever done on the system. Unlike Mario RPG however, the backgrounds are vibrant and detailed, like the cliff at Narshe, as opposed to alot of blue or black as in Mario RPG, the skies while in the airship or on a chocobo are detailed and leave a nice glimmer on the oceans.

Sound: 10
The music in this game sets the mood perfectly, Gogo's theme sets the irony of being eaten by a huge worm, but being ok -- Mog's theme suddenly breathes life into the caves of Narshe when you enter the moogle hideout -- The world map themes set the tone for your quest as a whole. As for sound effects, they were decent, some sounded a tad computerized, but that was typical of the SNES, so no major points off.

Gameplay: 10
The first half or so was scripted storyline, which was very vibrant and involvling, the second half of the game is open-ended optional quests. There are an endless amount of things you can do and find, half of which you won't find until you restart the game so you can go back to the first world and pick them up!(I missed the Atma Weapon my first time :( ). The battle system is great, all the different absoptions you get available later can create new strategies, there is no best equipment. Get Gaia Gears and don't fear casting Quake endlessly, or Snow Mufflers and cast Merton repeatedly.

Overall: 10
In short, this game does everything as good as it's ever been done, I think this is the best character development I've ever seen, aside from a few characters who just don't develop in this, but they are usually optional to have and/or just fun characters. Aside from those guys, the game is mostly without a main character, everyone is equally important, I love this and I have yet to see another game do it.

I re-play through this one every chance I get. Get it now and see!


Reviewer: beninhiding Date: Dec 17, 2003
Final Fantasy 3, is, in my opinion, the greatest RPG game of all time. This monumental game has set the standard to which all RPG games are compared to. Indeed, Final Fantasy 3 has created a sort of dilemna. No game since has surpassed the magnificence of this game. I'm sorry, but I feel that Square hit the peak with FF3 and has gone downhill ever since.

Graphics: 9
The graphics for Final Fantasy 3 were revolutionary. Keep in mind that this game was released in 1994. From the opening sequence to the ghost train to the waterfall; FF3 still amazes me in every way when it comes to graphics. So what if the monsters in the battle scenes are static.

Sound: 10
Final Fantasy 3 has the best soundtrack in video game history. Each character has a sort of signature track, and it fits them perfectly. The music compliments all the scenes nicely, giving the game that extra cinematic feel. The climax arrives at the final battle against Kefka. If you listen closely, you'll hear some Bach...

Gameplay: 9
As far as gameplay goes, my only complaint is fighting constantly. Square alleviates this problem by giving each of the characters a special ability of sorts, making one feel that there's more options than fight, items, and magic.
There are tons of side quests to satisfy the explorer's apetite. For example, you can guide Celes through an opera performance. You can group battle. Solve the riddle in Zozo. Find the hidden character. Live out Shadow's dreams.

Overall: 10
The game gets a 10 overall. Simply because I have not played a game with such an engrossing story with richly developed characters and enough variation to keep me interested since playing FF3. If you're an RPG fanatic, you've already played this game. If you're an RPG neophyte, you should play this game, now!

It's funny that with all the technology that's around, all the games seem so shallow and repetitive. I recently rented Gladius, an RPG for the X-Box, on the reccommendation from a gaming magazine. It was basically a souped up version of a shareware game that I played on the PC ten years ago. It's sad that they focus on the all the glitter and not the story. It's the same way with movies too. I like to play pick me up games like anyone else, but my favorite games have rich and involved stories with great dialogue and characters. Every RPG seems to follow the same


Reviewer: Sabin Date: Jan 24, 2003
my name, need i say more, im a finatic. this game started it all for me. you gotta enjoy what paved the way to enjoy the fruits at the end, and i tell you, FFX not in existance without this baby. its fantastic, the story is great, the character plots are great, with the exception of the 2 secret characters, well arguably 3 secret characters. if you havnt played it yet, well what can i say, you should have. better late than never.

Graphics: 5
its stale, but thats not what your going to play this game for. the art doesnt move, and you have your basic square sprites with heads the size of the rest of there body, so what? youll live with it, the art on the bad guys is great, but thats just it, its art, its a picture, they dont move, only wobble from side to side when they get hit or attack, so you watch the numbers that float up from the enemies and your self.

Sound: 7
no the greatest, but i have definatly heard worse. the earlier rpgs sound blow, this is a step up, not chrono level, but what is?

Gameplay: 10
this is why you play baby yea. the story is my favorite out of all rpgs, actually i cant decide if i like this one or FF7 better. there family they dont mind right? its just outstanding, the game is i think a higher level rpg, it was the first i ever played and it took me like half a year to beat it. considering i just beat earthbound in 3 days, i think ive gotten a little better. but seriously when you play this game, to get to where the game winds down and you really get to do what you want with who you want, your looking at 35 hours, to really explore and do almost all the secrets your loking at around 50 and if your a true gamer like me your gonna tack on 10 hours of just getting exp in the best forest you can find getting all yoru guys leveld, up, ALL. and then your going to the 50 floor tower to get the gem box. and then your gonna search for the remaing 3 of 8 dragons you havnt killed, and lets just say with the best of everything you gotta be at least 60 to beat one of those dragons. its a tough game, definatly more challenging than any other RPG for snes, and that is why it has so much appeal to me. forget the sound a graphics, who need them when you have riviting story and ambition for 60 hours. just as a reference, it took me 86 hours in ff7 to level everyone to 99 and get all the master materia, and ANOTHER master knights of the round, and beat all the weapons and get 2 gold chocobos, and i think im missing 3 items, from the gold saucer roller coaster mini game, thats about it. yes i have 2 master materia of each color and a male and female gold chocobo. so just as a reference this game has got some good play behind it. so on an emulater it should take around 35 RL hours but in the game it will be alot longer.

Overall: 10
gmaeplay makes up for it all. its just got the thickest snes plot. i think it could go all the way if they remaid it into ps2, but i heard their doing that to ff7, pity, this one needs new graphics ff7 doesnt. not for a beginner, but hey it worked for me as my first.

PLAY IT LIVE IT LEARN IT KNOW IT LOVE IT, i am proud to announce my brain is a walkthrough for this game. i like the fact that there are 18 characters and they all bring something different to the party, but when in a stick situation they all have heal 3 and life 2, and ULTIMA, i never used it, but that didnt mean my guys didnt know, just means by the time they did learn it there ATTACK was way better, can i say offering and genji glove, hit the screen 4 times, if you play like me. and the Esper system of learning magic is unique and fantastic, and i dont think ff9 coppied it, like they said they were going to those rat bastards.


Reviewer: DarkAtma Date: Dec 27, 2002
The Final Fantasy series has always delivered. However, it has always been a work in progress. If you started with FF7 on the PSX and went from there, at first these old FF games will seem pretty stale. But if you're like me, and played the game when it was first released, you'll realize that it was the greatest RPG at the time it was created. I've always had a sentimental affection for the game because it was the first in the series that I played.

Graphics: 8
Though not on the level of Donkey Kong Country or Star Fox, the graphics were a huge step up from the previous Final Fantasy games. Some of the backgrounds are very good, but limitations of the hardware delayed the masterpieces that grace the backgrounds of later FF games. And the attack animations are non-existant.

Sound: 10
Sound is the only category I've ever game a game a perfect score in. FF3 deserves it, just like every game in the series except FF9.(the FF9 music is good, but for some reason it seems less dramatic than the others)

This perfect score in sound may seem a little biased to some people, the sound effects aren't extroidinary. One would be right to assume this bias, as Nobuo Uematsu is my favorite composer of all time.

Gameplay: 7
The gameplay is very simliar to the tried and true methods of earlier FF games and many other RPGs of the time. In effect, there aren't really any problems with the gameplay, but there isn't anything to make it stand out enough to warrant more than a score of 7.

Overall: 10
I can not imagine how this game's story could be any better. And since the story is the heart of any RPG, this game is flawless.


Reviewer: Dan T. Date: Oct 2, 2002
Where to begin. FF3, put simply, is a masterpiece. If you've played any Final Fantasy games you'd know the standard set by the series. Knowing that i have to say that FF3 (FFVI in Japan) is one of the best of the lot. It has just about everything you could want in an RPG - an immersing story, excellent graphics (just love watching Pearl), great Esper system, but the sound is by far the best feature.
Read on and you'll see.

Graphics: 9
Lovely, thats the word that comes to mind when i think of FF3's graphics. Considering that this is a SNES game, you can see the effort Square put into FF3's graphics. You have to see the game to understand but imagine....... you get to waves receding from the shoreline. Nothing special there, right? Wrong. You can actually see as the waves recede the patch of wet sand left in its place. Then theres the Phantom Forest with the recovery spring. You actually get trees blocking your view of the characters and even a reflection off the spring's water.
Now the character sprites are a huge stepping stone in the world of Final Fantasy games. If you've ever played FF1-5j you can see a great difference between the map sprite (small and really crap) and the battle sprite (better but in FF1-3j not by much). Here the map sprite and the battle sprite are one and the same. Not only that, but the sprites looks decent too.
Graphics are only 9 because of some magic effects like Setzer's Hydrogen Bomb and Flare (both look lame if you ask me) and also i've seen SNES games with better graphics.

Sound: 10
This is where the game excels. The sound is just so unbelievably good. Well, sorta. Music is great by any standards, i mean i sometimes just have the music play for a bit because its so good. Really, in how many games would you actually listen to the music with interest.
With sound effects its a mixed bag. Some are great like the draught in the mansion in South Figaro. Others are not so good, such as the sound when you block an attack (absolutely kills my ears). But if you're like me that won't matter because you'll be too busy to notice it due to the music.

Gameplay: 10
Gameplay, definitely the most important part of any game, especially RPGs. FF3 has gameplay in bucketloads. Whether you look at the storyline or the Esper system (love it!!!) you can see just how addictive this game can be.
The storyline may at first seem rather vague and uninteresting but go a little bit further and *whoo hoo* you're hooked. With so many characters, all with their own stories (some lame, some quite interesting - Terra), you'll find something to like about it.
If you're like me then you need variety within the characters, and FF3 delivers it bigtime with each character having different Skills. Some of my personal faves are Slot, Blitz and Tool. If you want to know what they mean you got to play the game.
Mmmmmmmmmm....... Espers. Lovely way to learn magic here with the Espers (a.k.a. Summons). Previously you would have to buy a spell or level up to learn it but in FF3 you have to collect Espers to increase your spell library. Espers are a sort of mix of Materia from FF7 and GFs from FF8. That is they teach you magic and you can summon them in battle. Each Esper teaches its own set of spells at different rates and some also give bonuses like hp up at level up and other things like that. Finding all the Espers is just one way FF3 keeps the player going

Overall: 9
I love this game but i give it only 9/10. Reasons - graphics at times are bad, no big twist in the story (ala FF2/4j), and also for the beginner this may not be the best game to start off on. I remember playing this when it was brand new (well almost) and i almost threw the cartride out the window when i couldn't defend the Esper in Narsche. I was only 10 but even now it still frustrates me at times. But if you know how to play RPGs then by all means get this game.

If you can finish the game dont think ""Oh, thats it. I think i'll get rid of this now"" because you can play the game again. If you narmally use Wait mode then challange yourself and use Active mode. Try to collect all the espers. You !!WILL NOT!! complete this game to the full first time around.


Enough reading this, GET THE GAME ALREADY!!!


Reviewer: Seneroth Date: Sep 28, 2002
First and foremost. If you haven't yet tried this game... I suggest you do so. I really think that this has to be a classic in RPG's, the classic of all classics. The final fantasy series may have switched consoles and the graphics and movies got awesome... yet FF3 has the sort of plot and design that you can remember while you're playing FFX thinking...gee... I wonder if it will end up like FF3 at some part.

Graphics: 9
The graphics on this game have to come from the best designers in the super nintendo era. Chrono Trigger may have a bit more, but I'm certain FF3 is as or more appealing than CT's graphics.

Sound: 10
The sound and music... just awesome. I found it fitting for all it's moods. Unlike FF7 where almost all the time it was a deep dark background music except when you're going around outside, this RPG sounds like an RPG that you can pause for a moment and listen to the tunes.

Being completely honest, in FF7 when Sephiroth's theme cut in hinting that he was near, I got so freaked out I turned the volume down. Maybe thats a good thing...

Gameplay: 10
Okay, the controls... excellent, the plot... well it thickens when you think you have it all pieced together for a more enjoyable experience. FF3 is regarded as one of the best RPG's in the world, and I can't agree more. The game can be humerous, the game can fill you with rage when some enemy hits you with a cheap shot so that you fly through everything until he's destroyed, I'm telling you, this game will get you going no matter what spot in the game you're in.

I never really got lost in this game, if I did I was kept occupied in trying to get the scattered items and stuff, then when I least expect it... I'm out of that maze or that super long tunnel or something.

The game is just too good to pass up.

Overall: 10
This game has it all, in comparing with some of it's rivals... Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Lufia yada yada yada... They may have been good, but never have really made me play them twice. I've beaten Chrono Trigger, it was fun at the start at least... but as it progressed I was annoyed with the simplicity of the plot. Secret of Mana... couldn't get as far as I would have liked and all but to FF3...bah.

Lufia and Lufia2 tried the first, got bored, tried the second got bored. I just completely forgot about them, and this was in one day.

FF2 and FF3 are the best RPGs that I have played. FF3 is more advanced, but FF2 still has a cool storyline and stuff, but this is a review about FF3 so I'll save it for when I go over to FF2.

Overall, FF3 is a must try. The hype for the game was matched back when it came out, it was not short on anything. It still remains on my top 10 list...

This message will self destruct in 10...9...8...7...6....5....4....3....2....1..



Reviewer: LockeCole Date: Sep 15, 2002
This game I love. I do not think I will ever get tired of it. It is, in my opinion, the greatest game ever created.

Graphics: 10
Wow. The graphics in this game were excellent for 94. Can anyone ever forget the moogles or how the Statues look?

Sound: 10
The music is some you can tap your foot to. The battle music and victory are the most memorable out of any of the Final Fantasy games. The final boss music blew me away and I find the music to this game running through my head wherever I go. The music makes you feel the emotions of the game.

Gameplay: 10
The story is unlike anything I've ever seen. Character development is intense and even (except for maybe Umaro and Gogo...). There is a side quest that helps develop every character except the secret ones. Kefka is the villain you just love to hate. This game will make you laugh and make you cry.

Overall: 10
This game is my favorite. If you ask a diehard RPG player for a list of their favorite games, I can almost guarantee you that this game will be on it, and usually pretty near the top.

From the first time you see Terra, Biggs and Wedge come up to the crest overlooking Narshe to the time THE END appears on your screen I think you will love this game.


Reviewer: Sir Sam of Sammy Date: Sep 14, 2002
This was my all time favorite RPG for Snes until I played Chrono Trigger. So although not the best in my mind, it still ranks very high on my list.

Graphics: 9
What can I say, they rule. For a Super Nintendo game they've got some pretty cool graphics, summoning espers, spells like Ultima just look sweet. I find my self summoning espers just to see the graphics again sometimes.

Sound: 9
Very catchy music, you'll never get bored of it. Even all the time you do spend in the airship, it just seems to fit. You even get to go to the Opera. And Celes, unless you change her name even sings! It may just sound like a high pitched scream on different levels of notes, but hey, shes singing!

Gameplay: 10
You will love, and I really mean LOVE the gameplay. If you've never tried an RPG this is one of those that gets you hooked into the entire genre. The story line is great, they even have an almost end of the world and thats only half way through the game! Tons of side quests, so always replayable (because you always miss some, unless like I've said before you look it up and cheat, in which case I still boo you.) And if you carry Sabin in your party your battles will never get boring, because it requires a sequence of buttons to pull off his moves.

Overall: 10
Definatly a 10, you will be hard pressed to find a better RPG then this, cept Chrono Trigger, and maybe Secret of Mana. This is one I highly recommend, and if it hooks you try the rest of the Final Fantasy series, they are all good. Final Fantasy VII especially. After 7 I think they just ran out of good ideas, because I kinda lost my respect for them when I played 9. FF8 was ok, but nothing really special.

Final Fantasy VII is still my favorite RPG, and the sky is still blue.... or is it? You better run out right now and check!!! GO GO GO
Ha Ha, gotcha. The sky is still blue.


Reviewer: Ctorj Date: Sep 10, 2001
The graphics are the best that the Super NES system has to offer. This game was one of the first to show what the Super NES system was capable of doing. If you have never played the Final Fantasy games before, then you need to give this one a go at. The sound is second to none because it is creative, enticing and it never gets boring, perhaps the best part. The gameplay is easy to master and the even the novice gamer will have fun playing this game. So, whether you're an expert trying to beat Kefka in 5 or less moves or the novice wondering why Shadow won't stay with your party, this game is worthy of the title ""Best RPG for the Super Nintendo"".


Reviewer: Igno Date: Aug 28, 2001
I first played this game as a 10 year old. I'm 16 now, and I'm still not tired of it.
The characters, I can't get enough of. unlike FF7 and FF9, where there's only 1 main
character, always in the front, you can control up to 13. The character development
is very good, movie like, I'll say. But, overall, the best thing in this game. . .
The Music! You just can't get enough of it! I'd find myself whistling the music in school,
even if I hadn't touched the game in years. Graphics were extrodinary for it's time, as well
as the airship mode. Controls are easy as one two three- push button. Go there. Let go. Stop.
Not too hard.
The story is mind blowing. You think you know a character, then he/she has a flashback,
and suddenly, you have a new character. Kinda. The use of two worlds is unheard of in
these new games, except FF9, where you go to ""Terra"" for a half an hour of gameplay.
Kefka, I'd say, is the standard for bad guys nowadays. Sure, Sephiroth was evil and looked
cool, but he has no sense of humor, and can mess with Cloud's mind. What fun. The end battle,
unlike FF7, which pits you against sephiroth three times, puts you against a big tower
of not so cuddly monsters. The first one scares you, the second one is kinda ""Wha?"", but the
third one looks easy but isn't. If you think that life 3 is just a spell that revives you, it's
not, it's much, much more. I spent nearly a half an hour on this one guy. Now you're at Kefka.
He casts Fallen Angel. Now you're hurting. Unless you casted, guess what, Life 3 on someone, you're
The ending is one of the longest in squaresoft history, and I enjoyed every minute of it. It's almost
a half an hour long, and leaves it wide open for a sequel. Who knows. . .maybe there will be. . .


Reviewer: Drusus Date: Aug 26, 2001
FF3/6 is probably my favorite video game. The story and characters are phenomenal, the music is catchy and moving, and the graphics are excellent. Backgrounds are rendered beautifully; a shame the individual characters couldn't have been more detailed. The lack of a single main-character is one of the essential elements of the game--each character takes center stage for a time, and later on, one can choose to play as his or her favorite characters rather than being trapped in the rigid boundaries of the programmer's ideas. While the (fabulous) story is basically unchangeable, it is so rich and has so many elements that the game retains an amazing replay value. I have played the game through dozens of times and never get tired of it. One can always play a little better, a little more efficiently, or do things in a slightly different way. I find FF3/6 more enjoyable (though not more revolutionary or influential) than FF2/4, primarily because there are so many twists to the typical RPG format, so many ltitle sub-plots and adventures--specifically the opera-house, I find to be one of the most enjoyable and wonderful moments in video game history--a welcome change of pace from the ""receive quest, kill monster, get treasure, bring back treasure, use treasure, find next quest"" paradigm.
The only games I have played that compare are FF2/4 and Crono-Trigger.
-Drusus Gladius


Reviewer: Lakemantarzan Date: Aug 21, 2001
Ok I love this game.

The graphics are pretty good considering it was 1994 and it was a 16 bit console. I love that mosters are pretty detailed.

Sound is ok but the music is top-notch. I just would find myself whistling the music all day after I would stop playing (actually having my family kick me off).

Gameplay is great. They really pioneered the turn based style battling.

Overall this game is great. One of the best stories ever and thats what Square does best. This game last for a long time. There is so much no one could ever find every item. There are so many weapons and espers. And there was something like 13 playable character (not including the ones you briefly control like Terra's dad. This game kicks booty!


Reviewer: WingZero_42 Date: Jul 23, 2001
This game is decent; not the best, but hey, it's okay. The graphics aren't overly impressive, but when you consider the time, it's not that bad. Sound is pretty good. The big killer that prevents me from giving this a ten in gameplay is the play and battles are too slow! It takes forever for your turn meter to fill up, and your walking speed rivals that of a gawking tourist. Nonetheless, this was a fun play, but don't believe all the hype, because it's really not as good as everyone says. (They mostly said it because its a FINAL FANATASY game; to some people, that already makes it great.) If you're looking for a game truly deserving its 10 rating, check out Chrono Trigger. (It's also made by SquareSoft.)


Reviewer: Zauzer Date: Jun 29, 2001
Graphics: Compared to nearly all of the other SNES games, this is way better
Sound: Most of the songs were really good, although I didn't like the last boss song as much.
Gameplay: Learning magic from Espers is cool. The characters are not too diverse because of espers, but they do have their own unique skills.
Overall: If you haven't played the game, get it now! I would say that there were only 2 or 3 SNES games better than this (Chrono Trigger being one of them)
And I would say that this beats even Secret of Mana!


Reviewer: The Pigman Date: Jun 23, 2001
This is the best game I have ever played. The graphics are great, considering the technology of it's time, the gameplay is awesome, the animations are very sharp, the soundtrack is almost unbeatable because of the sharpness and variety of music and the music doesn't get annoying, the plot is the best ever, and the cinemas are perfect. The in-battle gameplay is magnificent. The secrecy of things in the game makes it even more interesting. The game has tons of options and each character's theme song suits them perfectly. Having two worlds and a bunch of hidden things makes it great, too. The only setback is the replay value. The storyline is almost completely unchangeable. This game would be perfect if there were more events that change the outcome of the game. The only game to probably be able to beat Final Fantasy III would be a Final Fantasy III 2.


Reviewer: Vegeta Z Date: Jun 15, 2001
Plot: Mmmm....okay, first of all, I will talk about this game's story. The plot is very rich, it is able to keep my interest through the whole game. Personally, that is my favorite part of the game. It has enough twists to make it interesting and new through the whole game.

Graphics: Well, the graphics in this game are, what you could expect from a Final Fantasy game. For those who haven't player Final Fantasy before, that is not too great. The spell's graphics however, are pretty good. They're colorful, and if you have had a few drinks, they look almost 3 dimensional.

Sound: This game that a great soundtrack. It's clear, crisp, has several battle tracks, and the overworld music does not ever get annoying. The music suits the location you are in, in the game. I would also like to note that each character has his/her own theme song.

Gameplay: Well, the gameplay is, RPGish. Saying that, I am assuming you have played RPG's before. The battle system is menu based. You pick what you want to do, and, the character does it! Imagine that. Battle, however, is time based, unless you enable the ""wait"" option in config. Which makes tim stop when you are in a menu. Such as the magic menu, or items. When not in battle, you press the direction you want to go in, and you go there. Pretty basic. The reason I gave this an eight, was partly because of the airship controlls. They are very responsive. Unless you have no fingers, you will not have too tough of a time controlling it. And the gameplay in it does not require much skill anyway.

Replay value: Well, if you wait about a year or two, then play it again, it will be fun again. Unfortunately, there is a set course of events, that are always the same (with one minor exception). This games replay value is not the best.

Overall: Overall, this is a great game. It is fun and moderately chalenging.

~Vegeta Z