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Final Fantasy IV

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Reviewer: Braska Spira Date: Jun 10, 2002
Final Fantasy 4 is the first Final Fantasy game that I ever played. It got me interested in the Final Fantasy series. The storyline is so interesting to me. The Hardtype version of Final Fantasy 4 remained Japan-exclusive until ten years later, i.e. when it was released alongside Chrono Trigger under Final Fantasy Chronicles.

Graphics: 3
The graphics of Final Fantasy 4 are not so great for the SNES, except for the battle screen. The battle graphics are nicely detailed. The graphics of Dragon Quest 5 are worse than that. The overhead graphics of Final Fantasy 4 are derived from those of its predecessor Final Fantasy 3j. Also, Final Fantasy 5 borrowed graphics from Final Fantasy 4.

Sound: 6
Nobuo Uematsu is the king of video game music. Final Fantasy 4 is the first game in the series to sport digital stereo sound. The music of Final Fantasy 4 fantastically rocks. My favorite song in Final Fantasy 4 is the Main Theme of Final Fantasy 4 (Long Distance). Unfortunately, when Final Fantasy 4 was recently remade for Wonderswan Color, the sound quality has been reduced to 8-bit quality, because the Wonderswan Color rivals the NES in sound.

Gameplay: 7
The gameplay engine of Final Fantasy 4 is nicely done and organized. Final Fantasy 4 has addictive gameplay. It introduced the Window color change option. It is the first in the series to have a multi-play option. Final Fantasy 4 resembles Dragon Warrior when it comes to level building. It is the first game in the Final Fantasy series to allow you to customize a quantity of purchase on any item(s). Also, playable characters come back to consciousness when you stay at an inn. Active Time Battle has great advantage to the player. I prefer Active Time Battle system over the original Final Fantasy battle system.

Overall: 5
J2E Translations has done a magnificent job translating Final Fantasy 4 HardType and then made a better translation patch. Squaresoft did a bad job translating the Easytype version of Final Fantasy 4. They did a fresh new translation of Final Fantasy Hardtype for Final Fantasy Chronicles. Like Final Fantasy 2 USA, Final Fantasy Chronicles version of Final Fantasy 4 Hardtype contains the "Spoony Bard" line. J2E's translation does not contain that.

Final Fantasy 4 is the first game in the series to feature romantic relationship between playable characters, like the relationship between Cecil Harvey and Rosa Farrell. It has the death of the Great Sage Tellah. It is also the first game in the series to allow you to explore more than one world. I love the ending of Final Fantasy 4.


Reviewer: Pale Dim Z Date: Jul 29, 2001
Greatest game ever. It easily wins over the newer FFs, but has fair competition with FFIIIj, FFV, and FFVI. The only place it lacks is graphics, and only because of the sprites. All the other graphics are great, but thesprites look a little to much like NES ones. This game has the best storyline ever, but the translated version has a few to many quotes from movies and things that are supposed to be funny (Why does Golbeze has to say the cornyest jokes everytime you see him? He doesn't do this in the JAP FFIV or FFII...), but it's still a good translation. This was the first RPG I ever played (Well, actually it was FFIIe) and it's still my favorite.