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Reviewer: megabart Date: Sep 3, 2005
Another game that didn't make it the USA on SNES, but remade on the PSX (FF Anthology). Since it was VERY, VERY poorly translated, I bought it on PSX. No more weird font, and Butz was now Bartz, and Lenna was now Reina. Seriously, someone should edit that rom and translate it correctly...

Graphics: 7
Graphics are fine for the SNES, graphics are like in FF4. But a part in the game where you see Bartz's flashback, he had teal hair instead of brown. Strange thing square did...

Sound: 8
I liked the music (Battle theme and The Fire Powered Ship) and it never got repetitive. Sounds that really sounded close to reality was when you slept in an old man's house at the beginning of the game.

Gameplay: 8
My favorite ability/magic/stats system: Jobs! Although "Jobs" isn't the word I'd use. More like Classes. There are too many classes in my opinion and it takes a very very long of time to master 1 job. There are also useless classes like the Beserker. But, for that reason why we didn't got it on SNES, because of the very hard difficulty, I was confronted to an undead chasing a moogle who did ~3500 damage on me. None of my party had HP limit over 1000. And one more thing that annoys me: the damage randomness isn't right, like my Monk always did the same regular damage on the same guy, like 512 until I leveled up or changed job.

Overall: 8
In overall, this is a great game. It did look like square didn't put much heart on it, with some things that were way low quality. The guy who translated this didn't just incorrectly translate that game, but actually incompletely translated. The NES translated ROMs really didn't looked like they were. I suggest buying it on the PSX if you can't translate it.


Reviewer: Ashray Gunjur Date: Nov 5, 2001
After I finished Final Fantasy 2 and 3 on snes, I thought that was the end, till i found Final Fantasy 5. My favourite of the three, and all of Square's Snes games, I decided to review this game, and have my say. I'd give this game a 9/10, as it has an involving storyline, lots of secrets and side quests to do, and much more. The only fault i have with it is its lack of replay value, like most other RPG's (except Chrono Trigger)

Graphics: 8
The graphics are dated compared to today's ""Quake 3"" Engine, but it still does the job to set the scene and fulfils it's job to show you what's happening clearly. You can clearly see when your character is upset, angry, or any, “other” feeling (I wont spoil it)

Sound: 9
I found the sound good (for a snes game)because the sound matched the place. IN a peacful sanctuary, sweet, calm music would play, but when in the last dungeon at the heart of the evil, a more evil tune will be played. The sound is similar to Final Fantasy 2 (4), aswell as the graphics, and improve the atmosphere and bring you into the the game.

Gameplay: 10
I enjoyed the gameplay of this story because of it's great storyline that progresses as you journey into the game, the free will you get to choose any path that you wish to finish the game with, the many secrets and special items or spells you can find by chance while on a quest and the secret locations (Mirage Village) you can stumble upon during the game. The Espers give a whole new depth, too, as it is great fun to find all of the esper-bosses and collect their summon, especially Bahamut, Leviathan and Syldra, the one that pulls the pirate ship along

Overall: 9
The main strength of Final Fantasy 5 (in my opinion) is it's free-will you get to choose your jobs, and doing so your abilities and tactics. A flaw it has is that once finished (including defeating Shinryuu and the ""Machinery from the past"", which require 75+ levels) it loses its appeal to you. The 12 holy weapons give extra enjoyment, to try and get them, but for a hint, for each weapon there, there are secret, better ones to find (Ragnarok Sword, Artemitis Bow, etc)

I enjoyed this game, while it lasted, and recommend it to anyone who dares to take up the challenge. It gives challenges and fun for hours, and requires tactics and skill to finish, as well as a bit of luck.