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Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest

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Reviewer: Josh Stolte Date: Sep 5, 2004
If you base this on almost every other Final Fantasy then yes it's bad, but when it was released it wasn't all that bad compared to some other RPGs out there.

Graphics: 7
There were some low points, but if you look at how the monsters started falling apart in the battle sequences, that was something I hadn't seen for a while.

Sound: 4
The sound was pathetic. There's really nothing to support it either, it was just horrid. Only positive that you could possibly give it is that it was the systems fault, but even still they didn't meet my expectations on this one.

Gameplay: 7
The gameplay was straight forward, which for some RPG'rs that is BAD. However, you can make sense of the story line, which is impossible on other games. Another bonus is that you actually know where to go in the game and don't have to sit there pondering where to go next.

Overall: 5
Overall, The game is average. It fits in with most other RPGs prior to FF2/FF3. Your not going to spend much time on this game, it was a 1 day rental in its time, and a dollar bin item now.

I personally wouldn't play it, but if you're perhaps into another field of gaming and dont know much about RPGs yet, you might want to take a look.


Reviewer: Mefax822 Date: Mar 7, 2002
Overall, this game was rather lacking in comparison with parralleled games in the Final Fantasy (FFII) and other RPG's of the time. Mystic quest did offer many unique elements that offered a new view into the role playing genre however. One of which was the fixed enemy locations which was elaborated upon in games such as earthbound.

Graphics: 6
Graphics were rather marginal, the spells were not very great and but still competant and bearable

Sound: 4
Compared to Final Fantasy II, the sound and music was pitifull and oftentimes mind numbing, I found my self muting the game and turning on other music while playing this game

Gameplay: 8
Decent Story and very unique structure compared to other members of the RPG genre, originality alone of this game keeps the interest going. There were however, too many enemies to fight in some areas which slowed the game down

Overall: 6
Compared to many other of the high quality RPG's of the time and one of my personal favorites (FFII), this game certainly does not measure up, but it is definetely a must play for a true RPG gamer who is in search of a unique experience.

Overall, a unique and interesting game to play once all other good options have been exausted


Reviewer: Naseredin Date: Jul 17, 2001
Ok first off it says on the box for this game for the entry level rpg gamer...
Back when this was released RPG's weren't really up there yet and this game was designed to kinda get the averge gamer who found FF 2 too complicated with this to try and get him or her to get used to the rpg world of Final Fantasy..
Unfortunately it didn't turn out like that this game is one huge mess. The only thing that I like which was kinda new at the time is the monsters being on the screen and the avoidance of battles although in this game you gotta build up quickly. The boss music is probably the best score in the game. The story is everything you have always digested but it's worse much worse. The ending is pathetic. Characters aren't horrible but no Cloud or Locke here or even a Rydia.
The best part would probably be the battle areas on the map they're good cause you can gain exp fast but that's the only original part in this mess


Reviewer: PikeMasta Date: Jun 16, 2001
This Game was possibly the worst of all the Final Fantasy Series, but due to the
time it was made, I didn't rate it too harshly.

Graphics- Normal for the time period, thats why I gave it a 7. The spells used
remided me of card-board cut-outs making something, either white, yellow, or red
apear. But of course every part in the game that moved looked like card-board.

Sound- Just over all bad. The music hardly ever changed to something new, and when
it did, I checked and made sure i didn't have WINamp running in the backround.
But if you like poorly done .wav files, you'll love this music.

Gameplay- Must be the most linear game I've ever played. It had a turn based
battle system, which gets boring fast, and the way they did the magic kinda sucked.
But i guess the actual story-line was ok, but it is exactly like every other RPG
at the time.

Replay Value- Well, if you play it once, and you don't decide to BBQ the cartridge,
you might decide to play it again in... Well... No... Ummm... maybe 15-20 years,
when the game doesn't work anymore...