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Final Fight

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Reviewer: Asura100 Date: May 19, 2004
It was entertaining, but I'll stick to Final Fight 3. This game started out fun, taking some degree of skill to mow down hordes of enemies. But once you got to a point, it became more like a desperate button-tapping fest.

Graphics: 7
The average for an SNES game. The graphics were good, and fitting, but not memorable. They were better that Final Fight 2, but still not great.

Sound: 8
I liked it! The sound was... fitting. I matched the chaotic fighting style of the game. Not that that's a bad thing... I like chaotic video games.

Gameplay: 5
Ouch. This is where this game failed. You could punch, jump, and grab. Being Hagger was cool, because he had all kinds of interesting attacks, but Cody was completely bland. Once you got to a point, your attacks would be completely useless against bosses (this started at about the point where you fought Abigail, I think). Basically what happened was you would go into to attack to boss, and he would beat this living crap out of you before you could hit him. You'd just need to rely on how many lives you had, and almost the only way to inflict damage was to respawn right on top of the boss.

Overall: 6
This game's OK. I liked it to an extent, but I'd rather play Final Fight 3. It WAS fun, but after you get to a point it takes lives, not skill.


Reviewer: Frost Date: Mar 5, 2002
An overall excellent game. One worthy of your time in all the aspects of rating.

Graphics: 9
Excellent graphics that put the good ol' Super Nintendo's capabilities to the max. They are crisp and smooth... much better than games alike this one such as "Sonic Blast Man" or even "Final Fight 2"

Sound: 8
Excellent sound too. It even throws in some speech here and there which I really think is good. sound effects seem to be quite exagerated, but a success nonetheless.

Gameplay: 9
Gameplay is outstanding. There is nothing you can't do in this game in relation to gameplay. The only thing keeping it from a perfect 10 is the fact that it is only a one player game.

Overall: 9
Overall I give it a 9. There doesn't seem much that could be better in the game. Great graphics, great sound, great gameplay with a good challenge which will kepp you at it for awhile. So don't plan on this being one of those games you beat in a half hour and put away for the rest of it's days. Again the only thing keeping it a 9 is the one player issue.

Get the game, you won't be sorry.


Reviewer: Fighter Date: Jun 17, 2001
Legendary beater! Someone of you might NOT have heard about this brilliant game so here we go.
Graphics:Good,if you look at Fight2,youŽll realize it looks very ugly compared to original.Colourful,good animation,big characters.
Sound:Your basic primitive screams and sounds of bodies being smashed.
Gameplay:Controls are excellent and easy to learn,though mastering takes lots of time.
Overall:Classic,that still remains more playable than others.