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Final Fight 3

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Reviewer: PimpMaster Date: Mar 9, 2002
If you love beat em' up games well Final Fight 3 is the game for you.

The story follows Final Fight series,the bad guys are the Mad Gear Gang and it's your job to beat up an army of them. This time you try to stop Mad Gear Gang for good.

There are four characters to choose from:

Guy,Haggar,Dean and Lucia who all have different moves.

Graphics: 8
The graphics look pretty good for a Super Nintendo game the characters look so good and they look even better at the character select screen.

The cutscenes look good for the Super Nintendo (in my opinion).

The graphics are the one of the good things of this game.

Sound: 6
Sound is the bad thing about this game. It's not horrible. But sometimes the sound will sound screwed up at some times. But the music is ok.

The puching sounds can get annoying after awhile and hearing the grunt of people dying is sometimes lame.

Gameplay: 9
The gameplay is the best thing about this game. It's simple and fun.
You can walk around,jump,run,and use your special move with a touch of a button. There's also other moves to figure out and a Super Move for each character.

There's secret rooms in each level which can reach to a shotcut to finish the level or give you extra goodies.

There even an auto mode where you can have the computer help to beat up those bad guys.

Overall: 8
Overall I'd give it an 8. Good graphics, ok sound and and awesome gameplay.

Also you can play this game over and over again with each character trying to learn each characters moves.

If you love beat em' up games such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4 and Fatal Fury you'll love Final Fight 3, it's even better.