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David Crane's A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia

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Reviewer: Vinny Date: Aug 22, 2005
I remember playing this game with my brother and cousin when we were very young. Since I think NES is the greatest thing ever, I had to buy this game to finally try to beat it. You feed a blob different jelly beans and he turns into different things to use throughout your quest.

Graphics: 5
Nothing pretty here. Basic, simple stuff. The blob is a white mass with eyes and the boy needs to eat something. The bad guys all seem to be made out of killer circles and beware of scary explosive cherries.
However, the treasure does sparkle quite nicely.
Also, look at the sad face the blob makes when he misses a jelly bean. Makes me think that the Zolaft people stole that depressed white round character from the blob.

Sound: 7
The best music is from the title screen and when you hop on the rocket and fly.
It's hard to concentrate on the music when two guys are screaming at you to look out for knifelike stalactites.

Gameplay: 5
The gameplay is as easy as can be when there's only two buttons. Not much to it... jump and throw.
It's easy to learn but knowing how to use the boy and the blob doesnt mean you're gonna beat this game.

Overall: 6
It took three 20 something year olds and a strategy guide to beat a two level game from 1989. We have phone pictures to prove it. Yeah its that hard.


Reviewer: SpeC Date: Jun 27, 2001
Cute game but the cuteness wears off after awhile. Basic plot...umm feed a bouncing blob jelly beans and watch him turn into stuff. I can almost remember the flavors and objects they turn into...anyway, music gets annoying, blob gets annoying, u wander around basically everywhere until u realize all u had to do was turn into a rocket and fly away on the top level for which u started the game at. Then it gets challenging. Always wanted to beat this game, never did, some1 tell me the end. Funny to screw around with the blob especially when u ""Accidently"" miss his mouth with the jellybeans, lol he hops around with a sad face...ok having to much fun... LaTeR