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Front Mission

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Reviewer: Josh Stolte Date: Sep 5, 2004
This is one of those games that you actually want to sit through the wait line to download. It's a well thought out game, and it is also different from the Final Fantasy series in regards to game play. It's set up more like a Tactics game to be quite honest, so if the Ogre Battle games ever appealed to you, this is probably a must have.

Graphics: 9
The Graphics in general would have been a six had it not been for the mech's themselves. You gotta love the customized mechs.

Sound: 6
The effects are nice, but I usually play this with the volume down and listen to my own music. You may like it when you first start, but I think you'll end up following my lead.

Gameplay: 10
If theres one thing about this game that makes it standout, its the fact that you have to overcome increasingly bad odds the further in you get. It stays challenging, but at the same time is so addicting you may end up spending an hour or two on one area.

Overall: 9
well this is basically the average of the three columns, i think the individual breakdown speaks for itself.

Want to know how long i waited for this on Vimm? 30 minutes in a line of 25+ people. Enough said.


Reviewer: Steve Dave Date: Apr 29, 2002
Well, to sum the game up, I guess it's your typical Square game. It's got a deep twisting story that you arn't quite sure where it's headed next, very good graphics for the SNES (in this catagory, it's not the best square has done, main stratagy screen is horrific, but this is only due to those great cart memory restrictions, and the up close views of the mechs make up for it), great gameplay (FF tactics fans will love it), and a great cast of characters (but, as with most square games, not all are deeply involved), and in my opinion one of squares greatest games on an old school console

Graphics: 9
Not squares best work, but due to the games massiveness it's not like they had a way of not reusing the same models repeatadly. Besides the mechs are beutiful in battle with a lot of attention to detail as well as a couple of sections with nice Mode 7 use.

Sound: 10
Slightly off and annoying, but they go nicely with the visual effects and what other kind of sounds for explosions, tearing of metal, repeated cannon sized artillery shots, etc. with a pitiful SNES sound card?

Gameplay: 10
It's stratagy done by Square. It makes me drool like Homer does at the thought of doughnuts *gargles own drool*...

Overall: 10
I find everything in the game blends into each-other beutifully, and I love the story. I also wish there was such a thing as an 11 in the gameplay, as this is the father to most other legendary square stratagy games and a few other prominent companies as well.

This is my 2nd favorite stratagy game, the only thing that tops the list for me is Front Mission 3 so keep that in mind after thinking this review over.


Reviewer: Zanark M'Hael Date: Feb 3, 2002
In Front Mission, you take the role of a Mech pilot turned mercenary in the middle of a war between two nations fighting over a small island. The Mechs (called Wanzers) are the main fighting forces, so your never have to worry about finding jobs. As you move from city to city, you'll gain levels, buy new equipment, and find more people to join your squad: ""Carrion Crow"".

Graphics: 7
The graphics are fairly good and there are a lot of different Mech designs to try out, as well as different weapons. Most of the designs are re-used several times, however, so it can get old pretty quickly.

Sound: 6
The sounds are nice, though nothing special. The music is decent, but repetitive.

Gameplay: 8
Pretty fun. The battles can be wonderful success or complete failures depending on your tactics. One annoyance is that individual combat scenes can take a while to load and finish.

Overall: 8
A fun RPG/Turn-based Tactics game. My only objection is that money is extremely easy to come by, so you will almost never have to worry about getting the best equipment. Still, it's got a nice story, and it's quite fun, so that isn't a major problem. If your sick of swords and sorcery, give this a try.