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Reviewer: Troy RULES Date: Jul 17, 2007
Look up in the sky! Its a bird! Its a plane! No, its...Well, it kinda is a plane, if you think about it. I mean, ITS GRADIUS THREE! Gradius III is a crazy kickass space-shooter that has a great powerup system. There's a number of ways to customize your ship through weaponry, and uses a great in-game-buying system. If you see an orange enemy, BLAM! He drops a nice orange Sputnik which you can use to speed up your ship, add some missiles, a laser, or even options, which follow your ship in a formation and shoot along with you.

Graphics: 7
This game has some pretty clean graphics. HOWEVER, there is a problem with it: sometimes you have too much going on (Say for example: you have a spinning shield, spinning options, and flashing lasers at the same time) and the spinning and flashings makes it difficult to see enemy fire. As such, you'll find your guy hitting the eject button a lot. Another thing is that when you get too many tools on you, and the game's action is too hardcore for the puny SNES cartridge to handle it. That makes the game slow down, although in some cases, that can really save you.

Sound: 9
The moment you set foot...Er, set jet into the first sandy stage, you'll get a nice nostalgic feel of memories you never had. The music is great, and the PYEW PYEW sounds are fitting.

Gameplay: 10
Okay, if you took Contra III and made it a space shooter, it would be a lot like this...In the way that its, you know, REALLY CRAZY AWESOME. There are plenty of weapons to use, like the straight laser which has a small attack radius, but high damage, or the ripple, which has a huge radius but lower damage. The action never lets up, only giving you a rest between levels, and before a boss. And like I said before, if you collect and save these orange Sputnik-satellite-things, you can spend them on more weapons. Save more and you can get better stuff, and after awhile, you'll be shooting in waves that take a horizontal half of the screen. My point is that you can get -REALLY- powerful, and I can't count the times I let out a sneaky "Heh heh," proud of my powerful arsenal. If you do well without dying, you can be pretty much unstoppable. But watch out, defeat in this game is really devastating. By the way, there's no ending on Easy Mode, so train hard, grasshopper.

Overall: 9
This game would get a perfect 10, if not for the minor distractions I pointed out in the graphics section. But the game is great, and it WILL occupy you for awhile. Is this game worth downloading? Yes. Is this game worth buying? Definitely.

Just do me a favor, if you download this, try not to save state. Granted, the game IS hard, but if you just cheat like that, you'll beat the game without technically losing a single life, and you'll get bored with it in no time. But hey, there's lots of replay value with all the ways to customize your ship, and if you find what's best for you, you won't need to be a total cheapskate.


Reviewer: Gelke Date: Oct 16, 2001
Gradius III by Konami is one of the best games in one of the best series ever created. Why? Simple. The concept of flying through space and destroying intergalactic bad guys. The reason this game and series stand above others of this genre, like the R-Type series, is that this game is actually difficult. When I first played R-type, I found that you could get almost too much power with just 3 upgrades to your ship. Too much firepower makes any game easy to complete. Still, R-type offers a small challenge, but Gradius III takes the cake. It took me about 3 months to get the final level on easy mode, musch less to beat the entire game. I still haven't beaten it on hard mode, and I have discovered yet another mode of difficulty, Arcade. If you're looking for a good challenge, Gradius III is your game. The only thing that I thought was bad about Graius was that after a while, the bosses (mayors in the game) desentigrte after a certain period of time on different difficuly modes. The final boss actually dies without ever shooting a bullet into him on easy mode! I would almost skip easy and start on normal. Plus, there is no ending sequence for easy. So, overall this game is one of the best Space shooters for SNES. ~~ Gelke