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Reviewer: Raven Carver Date: Jun 27, 2005
This is actually my first review to any game on the site. I figured a game with gameplay as memorable as Harvest Moon it deserved a review from me.

Graphics: 8
Graphic? Not at all.

Oh wait this is GraphICS?

The graphics were par in my opinion. Not as well as it could have been, but above the level of that of the NES. My only real objection is that they......

made my wife look 10 years older the day I married her!!!! WTF?!?!? (the F is for Fetch)

Sound: 9
It was okay comparatively. The tools are cool for all the sounds they make; each having an individual sound. The music is memorable, although that might not be a good thing. At least they loop well, so there isn't really an uncomfortable pause between songs that detracts from the gameplay.

Gameplay: 9
The gameplay was truly memorable. It really emphasises the numerous choices the farmer has, from repairing the fence to milikng the cows, and it wust all be done within the day to keep your wife happy. Or your girlfriend, if you are too timid to propose. (what is wrong with you? what will happen if she refuses? just quick load and wait another ingame week to propose, after showering her with gifts.)

One interesting aspect is that the chickens hatch from their eggs only 3 days after being produced, reach adulthood after seven days, and reproduce asexually. There are more quirky things I could name but I'm too lazy think of them :)

It comes up short of perfect solely because it might be a little repetitive.

Overall: 9
It was great, try it out.

Or ignore my advice and miss out on all hat Harvest Moon has to offer. Mister, you would regret that descision for the rest of your video gaming career (read: your life.)

Darn those fetchers for making my bride look old. She must have been caked in makeup before I married her.


Reviewer: ArchDuke Date: Sep 22, 2002
What's this? A game where you run a farm? Gotta suck, right? Well... I was amazed, but no, it doesn't.

Basically, your parents leave you on a ramshackle junked up farm, and you have to turn it around, fix it up, and make it profitable before they come back. Of course, by this point, I had many hours invested in the game and I really didnt' like handing over my farm and my gold without a word about it, but that's the game, right?

Graphics: 9
The graphics are pretty decent, although not quite stellar. Everything's well-made, and that's a good thing, because you'll be looking at the same areas over and over and over.

Sound: 8
The sound is ok, but it got pretty repetitive as the hours wore on for me.

Gameplay: 8
Pros: You don't have to blow up aliens, jump on walking mushrooms, kill people, or eat blue ghosts. On the other hand, you get to take a nice, well paced venture into farming. If you're lucky, you can even get married (although frankly, I actually had to try HARD to get the girls to dislike me, and even then, three of them still wanted to marry me after al this. This aspect of the game can be thought of more as a side quest, I suppose).

Cons:You don't get to blow up aliens, jump on walking mushrooms, kill people, or eat blue ghosts. The game world is very small. But honestly, how far does a farmer travel in his lifetim?

Overall: 8
Overall, Harvest Moon is a solid game. It's good for a break from the monotony of saving the world over and over. It had replay value for me the first couple times, because, well, the first couple times, I ran the farm even more into the ground than it started out.

Don't start this game expecting it to earn it's way into the echelon of games that you play until the contact edge in the cartridge wears off. If it becomes one of those games, all the better. Its a great game to play through once in a while, but it's too repetitive to become an every-day habit for most gamers.


Reviewer: weave056 Date: Jun 14, 2002
I took the advice of the top reviewer there, if you love RPG's ( and i do ) Then try this game. I did, and i thought it was a very interesting game. It has the most unique concept that i dont think anyone could expect. Most people wouldnt expect a "Farm Sim" for SNES.

Graphics: 9
Graphics are pretty decent. Especially the way the colors change with the seasons. Everything in spring and summer is beautiful, and the come autumm, everything turns its usual brownish colors. Days go by pretty fast so the daylight changes constantly. I think it was very wel done. Good tool animations too. Gotta love the eye bulge when he hits with the Super Axe.

Sound: 9
Good sound i thought, from the "Clang!" that your hammer makes, to the Sprinkling noise of the watering can on your crops. Every tool makes its individual noise, like it should. Instead of just a "Bloop, or Blip!" noise when you use a tool. That noise does occur when jumping fences, which you do quite often, so it can get annyoing.

Gameplay: 10
This is where the game shines. Like i said, nobody expected a farming game to come out on SNES, but the people that did think of it, made this game so in-depth with the concept of...yes Farm Life. You do everything a Farmer dreams about, or so i think. Every day you must water your crops, trim grass, rebuild your fence from a previous rain storm. If your fences are not repaired, wild dogs scurry through your ranch (you will hear your dog bark at them)They will eat your chickens if left outside. You can have cowsand chickens for livestock. Must feed your chickens and cows cut grass. Chickens lay eggs everyday, and cows can be milked once a day. I could go on and on and on...But of course the best part, meeting town ladies! There are about 7 girls in town to choose from. (I chose Maria, the church organ player :) Its a long process to get their affection for you. Simple things as picking them a flower, or asking them to dance at a festival. Check their diarys in their houses for how many "hearts" they have for you.

Overall: 9
Great game, try it and see if you like it.

Ok my fingers are getting tired so im gonna stop now.


Reviewer: LopSae Date: Jun 28, 2001
Harvest Moon game series are (for me) one of the best series ever created. Althougt this games is not for everyone, if you hate RPG it is probably that once you have played this you should never what to hear something about HM; believe me you will hate it. In the other side, if you love RPG (like me) you will problably make certain love to this game.

One of the principals diferences of this game vs any other game is that here is no violence, no blood, no gore, no killing (get the idea), etc. In this game you mission is to take care of a Ranch, so you will have to be taking care of you cows, you chickens, and your crops (yes, you have to seed, water and harvest crops.....just like real life). Also you can get maried with one of the girls of the town.

Play least a game-week so you can get the idea, you will fal in love with this game, or you will hate it forever......(i like more the first one!)


Reviewer: WingZero_42 Date: Jun 21, 2001
No guns, no alien invasions, no massive carnage. Harvest Moon really has nothing objectable in it at all. This is a great game, although somewhat limited. There are only 3 locations to go... your farm, which you must raise from a mess into a profitable business, the mountains, where you can gather stuff to sell, and the town, where you buy stuff. You must raise crops and to sell to make profit. Cows and/or chickens can be raised to sell milk or eggs, respectively. However, the main emphasis of this game is not only to raise a profit and make cash, you must make friends with people in the towns and even find a spouse! There's never enough time in a day... Be warned, the gameplay is pretty repetitive and the English translation could be better. I find this a great game in spite of these small problems. If you're in a mood for some pacifist gaming, this is YOUR title! Have fun!