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Illusion of Gaia

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Reviewer: BlazingWill Date: May 2, 2004
Illusion of Gaia, or Illusion of Time, as it's known on Europe. An underground RPG, but that doesn't mean it's not good. In fact, I think that the Impact that this game caused, it's because of it's short promotional work, and it still earned a good reputation around all the underground RPG world.

Graphics: 8
Nothing amazing, right, some uncolorful stages, and the same colors used once and again in every stage. Still, some very good stages were designed (that mayan ship made me shook all over). The drawings are very good, but not the colors.

Sound: 9
Something that many SNES RPG's got in common (Super Mario, Chrono, Final Fantasy, Earthbound, Lufia's, etc.), is that their music are complete soundtracks. This music isn't the exception, and it's sounds are just very good. Calm musics, some orchestrated black music, and the epic ending theme are just some examples of the completely cool sound power of this game.

Gameplay: 7
Played Zelda before? then nothing to worry about, 'coz it's very understandeable. The playing system it's very similar to Zelda series, and that's where I find a weak point about this game: it's non-original gameplay style. Maybe the only thing I can say about the gameplay it's the changing character style: from a human boy to a powerful knight, and even a legendary ghost spirit, that's a good point about it. But thousands of games have used this system before, and that game it's the same as the others.

Overall: 8
Even though the game system isn't a "wonder", it's not very important, once you got the idea of the game: the story and the music are it's strong points, while the gameplay and graphics are it's weak ones. But hey, all games have their ups and downs, don't they?.


Reviewer: ultra_cookie Date: Jul 16, 2002
First off, wow! When I first saw Illusion of Gaia, I said, "Man, this game looks like it will be a piece of crap." But to my surprise, it is a very awesome action/rpg type game.

Graphics: 8
For it's time, it's got awesome graphics. And as far as some of the bosses, and their attacks go, they rock! The game runs extremely smooth and looks like it could have been a squaresoft game.

Sound: 7
The music is rather average, but never does it bring down the fun gameplay of Illusion of Gaia.

Gameplay: 10
As far as my opinion goes, I'm hard Squaresoft fan all the way, but this game really took be by surprise. Squaresoft fan or not, take the time to try out this game, you won't regret it. (Especially if you like Secret of Mana.)

Overall: 9
Anybody who's anybody NEEDS to play this game. Almost everyone I know has atleast played or beat this game, but those who haven't played this, I feel drastically sorry for you my friends. Take it from an old game veteran, PLAY THIS GAME NOW!!!

And long live Vimm's Lair!


Reviewer: hawksun Date: Jul 3, 2001
This adventure/RPG game is similar to Zelda but has a few things that set it apart 1. There are three characters you can play as (not right off the start but you can switch between them in dungeons) 2.The puzzles require slightly more attention( especially those with wind involved).3. You don't really buy items, most of the time they are in a chest or somebody gives them to you. 4. The characters semm to have more personnality(the hero talks) 5. It's way more linear than Zelda. This is a good "snack" for hardcore Zelda fans but ultimately it's for people that are starting to play this kind of game since it's simpler than Zelda in some ways.