Super Nintendo
Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures

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Reviewer: Natedoll Date: Jun 18, 2002
Not the Greatest of Games, but definitly not bad. A fun game for your freetime, but I would not stay up all night playing it. A must hae if you are a fan of Indiana Jones.

Graphics: 7
Not Groundbreaking, but some of the backgrounds are eyecatching.

Sound: 9
Some of the songs are kind of annoying, but the the Test Music in the Menu lets you listen to teh themes of all the movies. Sound quality could be a little better.

Gameplay: 6
Definitely a lower point, such as the floaty jump and the funny enemies and bosses. There are also a few frustrating pointless levels that could be better. But the whip is extremely fun to mess around with even if it is a little glitchy sometimes

Overall: 7
Overall I would say it's fun, but there are definitely better.

If you are a fan of Indiana Films you should definitely try this game.