Baseball Stars II

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Reviewer: Baseball Star Date: Jun 1, 2006

Graphics: 10
The graphics are perfect, you can really feel like if it was a 3D game. You can change the baseball field; there are 4 different fields, but the first field is the best one to play on because its colors are more normal than the others.

Sound: 7
Nothing special to say about the music, except that it makes you want more to do a home run, especially when you have a runner on the 2nd and/or 3rd base.

Gameplay: 10
Like I said before, this is the best baseball game on NES and that's because of the graphics and, of course, because of the perfect gameplay. This game is very fun to play, you can be sure to have fun playing it with your friends. What makes the game more fun is that you can make a team and the more you play, the more you earn money and the more you can make a better team.

Overall: 10
For being the best baseball game on NES, it's a 10. Believe me, I've tried all the baseball games that are on vimm and it is the best, ex-aequo with Baseball Stars 1, the best baseball game on NES. I forgot to say that you can make many teams and make your teams play against each other.

In conclusion, a little hint to make more money: try to beat the Denver Dragons; I get $69,000 every time I win against this team and my team are the Milwaukee Rockets.


Reviewer: The Matrix Date: Jul 21, 2005
This is the 2nd best sports game on the NES behind of course Tecmo super bowl. I really liked this game because you could create your own team and upgrade your team and sign other players. Its pretty much like the first one but when you start your created team your team is actually a little better than how you start off in the 1st one. I have spent tons of hours on this game trying to make my team dominate.

Graphics: 9
Graphics aren't that great but they're good enough. I don't think I should be giving it a nine but I had no problem with the graphics.

Sound: 8
Nothin special about the sound, but it's not annoying at least. It plays pretty much baseball music.

Gameplay: 10
The gameplay is powerful for a baseball game for the Nes and being able to create a team and earn money to make your team better makes the game a lot better.

Overall: 10
Overall it has to be a 10. There is not a better baseball game even on the SNES and Genesis so you know it has to be good. Great game to spend a lot of hours on.

If you havent played it hurry up and try it.