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Reviewer: Laura Date: Aug 21, 2001
If you were like me and has a nes console (before it bust through over-use) then you gotta love this game, I grew up un bubble bobble and even though a couple of sequels were released they can never touch the original and best loved game. I have spent much of my young life furiously bubble-riding my afternoons on this game and i never get tired of it, this game gets my top marks and I hope every other person that loves this game as much as i do will join me in saying, bub and bob, we salute you!!!

p.s level 69 isnt impossible, my advice is try and bubble ride to the top and for god sakes make sure you havent got a speed power-up on, it makes bubble riding impossible, try and get up to the top during your brief spell of invicibility you get after losing a life, or on the other hand, you can just wait for a heart to appear on the right side of the screen, it comes quite frequently. The best methos though it to play 2 player and to get the person who is the weakest to stand in the corner and blow bubbles into the middle while you ride them up to the top, the middle is sanctioned off and therefore you cant get hit by the ""chinky's"" (called that because of the sound they make)

If anyone is very stuck and would like the password for level 99 then e-mail me and I will send it you, i dont condone cheating so only e-mail if you REALLY want to, otherwise you could just complete it by yourself and feel the satisfaction you get by conquering the game.

Happy gaming people, keep the bubble bobble pride alive!!!!!