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Reviewer: Daniel Xiong Date: Jul 10, 2001
Killer Instinct for the SNES is pretty game game, and plays almost like the arcade. The graphics were pretty good, but after you seen the Arcade version of this game you kind of get that feeling, you think to yourself, what the hell did they do to this game. I thought that it would of been better if it came out for N64 instead. The sound of the game was very impressive for a SNES game. The gameplay is kind of disappointed for me. For starters, even though it has a nice combo system, I noticed something. Once you reached a certain hit in a combo, the damage of the hit either goes down or it does no damage at all. For example, Orchid's 27 hit (not an Ultra) combo. I noticed that after the 16 th or 17th hit, the combo stop doing damage after that even though you're still going. It's kind of dumb that combos stops doing damage after certain amount of hits. And plus, what happened to the ability of throwing your opponents? Was Rare too caught up in perfecting it's combo system that they forgot all about throws? And what happened to the shadow moves and shadow combos? Also why was the Humiliation dances cut short? Well, I guess you can't have everything.


Reviewer: Eyedoll Date: Jun 19, 2001
Graphics:What should I call them? Digital semi-realistic graphics,very smooth animation,same AMC-engine that DKC games use=lots of colours,Snes canīt do any better than this.
Sound:Some music that you wonīt forget,original cartridge included "Killer Cuts" cd with all the music in this game.Sounds are better than your typical screams and stuff.
Gameplay:Iīm quite sure that this game has more moves and tricks than any other game ever made,and this one is for old SNES!!! Controls are excellent,it takes a lifetime to master them,though it may be a bit hard using keyboard.
Overall:Is this the best fighting game ever made? I like to think so.