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Kirby's Dream Course

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Reviewer: F-Zero_Racer Date: Oct 16, 2004
Whaaat!? No one has even reviewed this gem? I guess i'll be the first :). Ok, this game only needs one word to describe it, Awesome. It's like playing golf, but it's fun to play mainly because of all the little tricks you can do from transforming into a mini-tornado to using an umbrella to slow your drop, the powers in this game makes it feel like Kirby yet still seem unique. This game has my approval of MUST-HAVE game.

Graphics: 10
The way the game looks is quite good, each transformation has all these little details and Kirby looks so great when he's hit by enemys or when he is using one of his powers. The best thing is the way each level looks, it has all kinds of little details and little things that just makes it unqiue.

Sound: 10
The sound is really cool, the title music is good along with each levels theme music. From when Kirby hits an enemy or when he hits a star left by an enemy(which echos) it just all seems nice and smooth.

Gameplay: 10
The gameplay is well done and thought out. Each level has a stratgy to it and sometimes you have to think to figure it out. Like for example, you may need to hit an enemy in mid-air but you have to bounce to hit the next guy in mid-air too. Multi-player is even better, it's fun to just use tornado and ram your best friend causing him to fly off the stage, it just gives a sense of enjoyment.

Overall: 10
Great game, it will give you hours of enjoyment as you play golf, Kirby style. If you have a friend, it will be even funner with just fighting your friend for supremacy. Overall, I give it my MUST-HAVE seal of approval.

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