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SNES - Kirby's Dream Land 3

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Reviewer: Giest118 Date: Jun 23, 2004
Like pretty much every other Kirby game out there, this is awesome.

Graphics: 10
The wonderful detail that went into making this is PERFECT. Not only does each-and-every-single character have loads and loads of sprite frames, but they all look good! The backgrounds are nicely detailed too.

Sound: 9
All the music/sound in this game is pretty much the same quality as any other Kirby game. And, for the most part, that's good. (if you've played the other Kirby games you'll know what I mean)

Gameplay: 10
This is... so much fun. Even if you get through all the levels and beat all the bosses, you'll still need to return to all the levels and find the heart-star things. Only then will you be able to fight the dark force stuff.

Now about the difficulty... it's like any other Kirby game, really. It starts out easy, then gets harder as you go along... Only I found King Dedede too easy. But this may be because you fight him at least once in every Kirby game that has ever been made ever. You sorta get used to his tactics. ;)

Overall: 10
... Need I say why I gave this a ten? Meh, reviewing a game seems to require that you put at least 100 characters in this 'overall' paragraph, so I'll say again... THIS GAME ROCKS!!!!!

Now play it, and see all of the wonderful world that Kirby lives in... and save it from certain destruction.


Reviewer: Kirby Date: Aug 16, 2002
Kirby's Dream Land 3 could be simply put as one of the best Super Nintendo games of all time. The efforts put into this game by the folks at HAL Laboratory have not been wasted, as the many animations, delightful music, and easy-to-learn gameplay make for a must play game for any player. (Or players, using the two-player co-op system).

Graphics: 10
The graphics, though appearing to look as if the entire game was drawn with crayons, are very pleasing to the eyes. The sharp ""squarey"" edges on most games seem to be smudged out in this one, giving the characters a nice round look. The many, MANY, frames of animation for just Kirby and Gooey alone are all wonderfully detailed, and the backgrounds in the levels are extremely varied in shapes and color.

Sound: 10
The sounds are one of the best things about this grand game. The music should be familiar to any Kirby fan, most of which comes from other Kirby games. It sounds like a whole orchestra was recorded on the soundtrack in the game. The sound effects are a little more simple than the music, but still add to the already perfect game. Kirby still makes a sucking sound when he eats baddies, and each of Kirby's special attacks make a different noise.

Gameplay: 10
The controls in Kirby's Dream Land 3 are so simple, they could have been using a regular Nintendo controller. Kirby can fly, run, jump, swim, and most importantly, eat, to get the jump on the baddies. Anyone can pick up the controller and master the moves within minutes of playing. The two-player cooperative mode is great for beginners who need some extra help from a more experienced player. The game isn't too hard to beat, although there are a few spots where you have to think with your brain instead of your stomach.

Overall: 10
This game earned it's good rating through wonderful sounds, graphics, and gameplay, much like any other Super Nintendo game that has this high of a rating. Anyone who played at least one Kirby game is recommended to check out this, too. Even if you aren't a Kirby fan, this game is definitely worth going through.

Some of the levels can be tricky, and if you are stuck, you should find a guide online that can help you.


Reviewer: Kevin Date: Jul 19, 2001
This is the best platform game on the snes.You can make a lot of attacks by combining with different animals.The graphics are the best I ever saw on the snes.It was one of the last snes games.It uses some sort of pastel handmade colours,a sight for the eye.The music sucks(annoying).The game is in japanese but since there is almost no text that shouldn't be a problem.If you like platfoprm games and ur tired of the usual run and jump mario get this one!