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Reviewer: trublukirby Date: Nov 17, 2003
If you like kirby, you'll love this game!

Graphics: 9
Now the graphics for this game are incredible! Even the tiniest detail is so great. You can even look at the items that you obtain and they are just amazing. They look so realistic. The backgrounds are even detailed. Sure some parts look like they are at a standstill but thats the least of your troubles

Sound: 9
The music is very very unique. The music takes you away to another place. Its like you're in a world of your very own. It is so great! The music is one of my favorite parts. It changes but stays the same, is different but similar. There is a diversity in music.

Gameplay: 10
There are different storylines. Like for example: Mediknights Ship. This part is so much fun. Well of course your on a ship. There is so much detail. The plot is so thick. Mediknight is probably the best part of this stage in the game. So much evil and desipse for kirby!

Overall: 10
Overall...what can i say? Kirby fan or not, the game is definatly grab you and get you hooked for hours on end. Literally, the first time i played this game, i stayed up all night and i only paused the game to eat,drink, or go to the bathroom! This is a truly great game! It is probably one of my favorites!

One of my other Favorites is The Breath Of Fire Series and the Final Fantasy Series. Please try them out


Reviewer: Ralf Loire Date: Jul 21, 2002
I want to say that this game ROCKS!! I nay not have played it for a couple years now, but that doesn't mean I haven't forgotten how much fun I had exploring the game and all it does. It's fun ahoy, and with its wide variety of games (9 games in one!) it's more of a blast to play.

The graphics are pretty darned good for a game that came out on the last days of the SNES. I speak for all of those who have disregarded this game because of its kiddie-like graphics--YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE MISSING! If you still don't appriciate the graphics, then look past that and focus on the great gameplay here. It's all pretty easy and simple to learn, and takes a bit of practice getting used too. The Great Cave Offensive and The Arena are probably the most challenging of the games... where as GCO envolves finding a lot of hidden items, and the Arena involves fighting against all of the bosses in the game. Tough stuff! The game I loved playing the most was Milkyway Wishes. It too, is pretty hard to find every hidden ability that you must obtain as a permanent use.

Weither you like this game or not, it is a MUST have! It will keep you interested for hours until you've found everything, done everything, and seen everything. Maybe after that, you'll keep coming back for more. I highly recommend this game in your library. A true classic.

Graphics: 10
Strictly good, and even those cute, it's definately a well animated world! Top notch!

Sound: 9
The sounds are pretty good for the world of Kirby. I liked the Mike. Sounds like Kirby is yelling ""SISKO"" or something with the Stand Mike. Which is kind of interesting.

Gameplay: 10
Very simple and easy to learn, and even a second player can join in when Kirby has a partner! Yee-haw!!

Overall: 10
A must have for anyone's game library.

I've said enough. ^_^


Reviewer: Zero72 Date: Oct 31, 2001
To put it bluntly, this is an exellent game. That simple.

Graphics: Brilliant. They're colorful, well-animated, and just plain very Kirby-ish. Believe it or not, they're actually right on par with, if not better than, Super Mario fact, they're the same cartrige size.

Sound: Great music, especially the 1st and 3rd levels of the Gourmet Race, which was used again in Super Smash Bros. for the N64. As for the sound effects? Well...they're ok. They do sound very anime-ish, which is a good thing in my book.

Game Play: They managed to come up with great button schemes for all of the different weapons, despite such a huge number of moves. Don't worry, most of the moves are all but difficult to remember. A tip for those of you who are having a hard time with Plasma: Hold L or R to block while moving the control pad, and you'll be charged in no time.

Overall: I gave it a perfect 10, even though it recieved no 10s in any other categories. It's simple: Great graphics plus great sound plus great control equals great game. And whatever you do, don't get lulled into thinking ol' Kirby is kid stuff. ;)


Reviewer: Magnor Zeig Date: Oct 1, 2001
Though it may sound a tad like a children's game (though I am one. A kid that is) Kirby Super Star is quite a game for all ages. Many people only know Kirby from hi N64 game and Super Smash Bros. I was one of the people who acually went to look up Kirby's past acheivments. Kirby Super Star was the first SNES game I downloaded and since then I have gone back to it again and again unable to stop playing it. The graphics in Kirby are quite good for a SNES game. Though the sound is a bit on the Arcade side with beeps and fanfares, it does and texture to the game. I have not finished it yet, but I'm still going strong against King Dede in the Gourmae Race, which is one of I think 9 games on the one cartridge. I belive Kirby Super Star is a classic that no one should be with out.


Reviewer: Hawksun Date: Jul 3, 2001
With 9 games(six major one, two mini and one hidden) in all this cart lasts for a lot of time especially since there is a lot of secret area and bonuses in this game. In this game kirby has 20+ powers available,each with it's strengths and weaknesses.The puzzles you encounter during your adventures shouldn't puzzle you( pun intended :) ) so you probably won't be losing half an hour solving them. There's no good reason to avoid this incredible gem so rush on it right now or you shall regret it!