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Lion King, The

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Reviewer: Lisa K Date: Aug 18, 2004
I remember playing this game as a kid when the movie came out. My brother spent hours trying to finally kill the last scar. Good Memories.

Graphics: 7
Keeps the original aura of the movie in the game. While its not eye popping graphics like Donkey Kong Country, you can tell there was some effort to make the game look appealing.

Sound: 8
The soundbites get repeative but the score stays true to the award winning music from the movie. This is one of the few games I play with the sound on.

Gameplay: 9
The controls are very straight forward and easy to learn. All of Simba's movements meld together perfectly. You have much more control than some of Disney's other work like Aladdin.

Overall: 8
The game stays very true to the movie in many aspects. A great game for a great movie! It follows Simba's journey from a lion cub in the savana to his exile and finally his journey to overthrow his uncle Scar. A truly awesome game!

Overall, this was definately one of my favorite games growing up and should most definately be one part of any gamers collection!


Reviewer: Mogu Date: Jun 19, 2001
Terrible. It finds the worst possible ways to insert areas of the original movie's story. The music is a regret. And the gameplay is difficult, frustrating, and repetative. And extremely hard. Not for one with a short patience, and definitely not for a Lion King fan. A disgrace to the name.
As a platformer alone, however, it just barely keeps alive. It lacks in every field necessarry to keep a platformer alive. And worst of all, it's weakest area seems to be in controls. The movement is awkward, unstable, and it's clear the game was hastily done.