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Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

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Reviewer: F-Zero_Racer Date: Oct 16, 2004
Zero here, id thought id give this game a nice up to date review. This game was one of the better rpgs, having nice battle graphics and the puzzles hard, yet simple it was really a great game

Graphics: 9
The just walking around graphics were really simple but it pretty much got the job done. When in battle though, the graphics really take off. You see all kinds of neat and cool spell effects such as a rain of fire or a big blizzard. The monsters were well done to, giving each monster its own unique feel.

Sound: 10
The sound was supurb! In towns it had a nice mellow music, giving the feel of being in town. While in battle, the music picked up at a faster rate giving you a sense of battle and fighting, along with the music that happens when a bad event starts. The games SFX were well done to, magic was well sounded and each sound just sounded refined.

Gameplay: 10
If I could give it an 11, I would. The battling was SUPURB and AMAZING! With tons of spells to use, weapons and even the monsters that you can tame, the way you fight was well done. Not only that, dungeons were extremly well done with the puzzles and the additions that you could use your arrows to stun enemys or bombs to blow up weak walls, it gave it ever more the edge.

Overall: 10
Overall, a 10/10. This game has to be a MUST-HAVE. If you like rpgs such as Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger and Breath of Fire, then you should pick this up. Trust me, it would be a great addition to your line-up

Such a great game yet very little know/ever played it. If possible, get this game ASAP!


Reviewer: Jason Proffitt Date: Nov 17, 2003
Ok, let me begin that this is one of my favorite RPGs for the SNES. Lufia II is very underrated. Perhaps on some level it is lost among other great SNES RPGs that are its better like Evermore or Zelda: A Link to the Past, but fans of those RPGs can become quickly hooked on this game. It's quite involved.

Graphics: 8
I'll give the graphics a solid 8. It's pretty good; even the menu screens are elaborate. There is some room for improvement. As a previous reviewer said, the magic effects could be improved and the death of major bosses (fading lines) seems like some prgrammer was a little lazy.

Yet, certain things are very good. The dungeons, the cities, and the charcters are elaborate. The four Sinistrals look like someone took the time to paint them with a brush and canvas. The major characters are very good.

Sound: 7
Average SNES quality. This is one of the earlier games before sound really became an art. The ending sequence is quite good. Basically, it's good when it needs to be, unremarkable in other palces, though I admit this is somewhat a question of taste.

Gameplay: 10
How can I say this? It has the movement type of Zelda: Link to the Past, the battling pattern of four people resembles the 3-person battles of Mario: Search for the Seven Stars (a later game). The store sequences with the menues remind me of an old BBS game: Legend of the Red Dragon (buy/sell focus), though it's much better than ANSI graphics.

What makes this game a seller is it story sequence. It is emotionally evolving, and in contrast with a pervious reviewer, is the most mature of many SNES (or any) RPGs. The romance sequences are believable. Dekar is hilarious. Guy is authentic. The ending is well....I won't spoil it. You might never forget it; if it happened in Zelda, there's be mass gamer suicides. It's a heartbreaker.

Overall: 9
It's tough. It's a tough game; be ready to put some time into Lufia II. Go ahead and find a puzzle guide on the web, though I beat it without one.

Could this be the RPG for women? RPGs aren't known for attracting women, but the storyline and gameplay would appeal to a even wider audience then an Evermore, ChronoTrigger, or even a Zelda.

Serious SNES RPG fans should at least play a few levels of Lugia II. It probably won't appeal to everyone, but it is a quality RPG.


Reviewer: Scott Date: Nov 17, 2003
Lufia II is a good game but it can also be agonizing

Graphics: 7
For 1996, the graphics arent really up to many games released at this time. The graphics are ok, but as I said not up to the time it was released

Sound: 9
Good sounding game, I think it definately is worth a 9 on this section

Gameplay: 10
Flexible attacking, quick to move around, strategically moving around the various mazes.

Overall: 8
I think this is a good game, if you have the tolerance to be annoyed by all the puzzles which are inside and many dont really have a lot to do with the game. The stories in the game are pretty good, and it does fit a good prequel to the first one


Reviewer: Chanlin007 Date: Feb 3, 2002
Wow, no one reviewd this one yet.

Well, let me simply begin by saying, this is a rather enjoyable RPG.
Great puzzles, nice story, and a somewhat surprise ending. E-mail me if you want to know, I won't spoil it here.

Graphics: 7
Great for the SNES. The character animations were not as clear as chrono trigger, but none the less they did exist.

The battle graphics were great. Cleanly designed. The spell effects left a little to be desired.

All around the graphics were good, but graphics didn't make this game, so no loss there.

Sound: 8
The music and sounds were awesome.

The music didn't always set the mood (hence the 9 rating vs the 10)

But the sounds were never out of place.

Gameplay: 10
This game has some of the hardest puzzels I have ever seen in an RPG.

The puzzles involved every aspect of the game. From avoiding monsters, to solving riddles, to thinking spatially. You have to do it all to make it through this game. And despite the difficulty, the puzzles are not overly impossible, frustrating at times, but they can be completed, and you have the ingenius RESET spell so you can start over at any time.

Overall: 7
Great story, good mix of humor, nice plot line, memorable charachters, and a great ending. The replay leaves some to be desired, but I have yet to conquer the Ancient Cave ( the infamous 99 floor dungeon with no save points ) So, I'm still playing this one on occasion.

This was a well done RPG, not my favorite in terms as RPG's go, but overall it was a great game, and never lost my interest the first time through, and I do have high standards, trust me.


Reviewer: Gades Date: Dec 4, 2001
Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals by Natsume takes you on a long, epic oldschool RPG adventure with many unique puzzles and innovative features. It also features a very interesting storyline and many wonderful features, all-in-all making it one of the greatest, if not the greatest game ever made for any system.

Graphics: 10
The graphics take on a mature cartoonish look, and the environs are very colorful. The monster artwork is quite detailed and has it's own unique touch. The mountaintops views provide some of the most beautiful scenery in the game, however, the best graphics are when you encounter one of the LEGENDARY Sinistrals. It's literally breathtaking. The capsule monster art is also very well done. Overall, Lufia II has absolutely superb graphics, with no flaws whatsoever in this department.

Sound: 10
The music in Lufia II is not just standard RPG fanfare. It contains some of the best tracks and most memorable music in RPG history. The overworld music very mysterious and adventurous, while the heart-pounding rising action music in a Sinistral battle will make your adrenaline race. Great stuff.

Gameplay: 10
The progression from town to town in this game is very smooth and interesting, never seeming to grow old. The style and flow of this game makes it incredibly replayable, never at any time boring. The battles are turn-based, with a cross-shaped Fight/Item/Magic/Run command box ala the original Lufia and the Breath of Fire series. The battle system is relatively simple, although it does require some careful planning, as well as the use of special attacks, which are imbued within the various weapons, armors and relics you discover throughout the game. The overall difficulty of this game is considerably high, with a very long quest and many tough battles. The most challenging part, however, are the masses of thought-provoking puzzles found through every dungeon in the game, some necessary to proceed forward, while others lead to wonderful treasures. Lufia II contains the best puzzles in any RPG ever created, perhaps any game ever created. There are also capsule monsters with several classes whom your party can obtain. These intrigueing beasts will aid you in combat and grow ever stronger as the game progresses. Their strength also corresponds to the way that you feed them. This adds another wonderful replay-value element to the game, along with such things as a casino, the infamous Ancient Cave(play the game and find out-it will be something you'll never regret), a replay mode after you initially beat the game similar to Chrono Trigger, Gift mode, and several lengthy side quest just to name a few. There are tons and tons of interesting equipment and items in this game, each with their own nuances, so if you're an oldschool Weapon, Armor and Accessory statistic freak, you'll have a great time finding and trying out all of the various treasures in this game. The controls are perfect, being very loose and silky smooth, but not too smooth to the point where they're hypersensitive; rather, the controls are just right. The storyline is intricate and moreso interesting. Some of the games greatest moments come from the assortment of hilarious one-liners that your characters will say as the game progresses. Overall, this game has no major flaws whatsoever, and not even any minor flaws that I can think of, even after playing it for(literally) hundreds of hours of my life. It has almost infinite replay value, unforgettable graphics and sound, and, above all, the 4 greatest bosses of all time, the mighty Sinistrals! If you never play another game again, at least play this game through. It's an experience that will last you a lifetime.

Overall: 10
Overall, this game has no major flaws whatsoever, and not even any minor flaws that I can think of, even after playing it for(literally) hundreds of hours of my life. It has almost infinite replay value, unforgettable graphics and sound, and, above all, the 4 greatest bosses of all time, the mighty Sinistrals! If you never play another game again, at least play this game through. It's an experience that will last you a lifetime.

Lufia II receives a final score of 98%. The two points off of a perfect %100 come from the game not being even longer(not that it isn't incredibly long already!), since you're so hooked once you play it that you're sad when you beat it. Regardless, it still is the greatest RPG of all time, even outpassing the absolutely legendary Chrono Trigger by a very slim margin.


Reviewer: Dark Knight Date: Sep 3, 2001
The story is a prequel to the first Lufia, in which you are Maxim. Later on in your journey you will come accross companions that will help you on with your fight.


The Storyline: The storyline in this game is good, it will keep you playing the game.

The music: This game has a good soundtrack that will keep your head bouncing and your feet tapping.

The puzzles: If you like challenging puzzles, then you will love this game. The field play is very much like Zelda, but the puzzles are a lot harder.

The Ancient Cave: This is whole other game in itself. The Ancient Cave probably takes longer to beat than the game. Don't worry, it's completly optional. How it works is there is 99 random floors, which means no floor is the same when you go in and out so there is no use in making a map. When you enter, you are completey stripped of your armor and weapons. There are treasure chests in the cave, but you can only take the items that are in the blue chests out with you. Most of these items are the strongest items in the game. Not only can you take them out with you, you can also take it in with you. So, it will take many many trips in and out of the cave to get to the bottom floor. Hehe, and you will have to go there yourself to find out what's down there.


The supporting storyline: When leading up to the main storyline, the supporting one is dull. It's very repetetive. It's a ""Go to a town, go to the cave, save someone, go back to town to get permission to go to next town, then do the samething over again"". As you can see it sucks.

Cartoonish: The characters and the dialog is kind of cartoonish. Not very serious. This is kind of dumb too.

That's basically all I can think of on this game. If you have any comments about this review then just e-mail. But no matter what you say I won't change my review.