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Reviewer: Mr.Blue Sky Date: Jan 21, 2003
LoL, Megaman meets soccer. When I first saw this game, I was actually pretty excited, Because I am A soccer fanatic! As well as a Megaman fanatic, so it's a beautiful thing when they meet...... I played this game for the first time, and hated it... I'm not sure why. But,I got it for my birthday, and I decided to play it again, and loved it! anyway, to reviewing....

Graphics: 7
Meh, not bad, but could be better, the running was incredibly cheesy, and so were the shots, but, the post-goal dance is hillarious, I don't remember which one it is, but one of them does a dance that looks like Schroder off of the Penuts gang. The special shots were interesting too, I mean as well... It was kinda off the mark, even for Super Nintendo games (comparing to games like Super Metroid)

Sound: 8
HEHEHe, it has some original megaman music, i think i directly connected Woodman's level (off of megaman 2) to the soccer match with Woodman. Also, I like the sound it makes when you shoot. ;)

Gameplay: 10
Pure entertainment! This is great, if nothing else, it's freakin hillarious! But it is pretty fun, except for Protoman..... thats just frusterating....... But whatching Dr. Wily is funny too.

Overall: 8
I would love to give it a higher rating...I...JUST CAN'T!!! But, For the soccer/megaman fans, It's great fun. It's nice to see megaman do something other than beat up on Dr. Wily's robots, plus, you've got all kinds of old friends from other m-man games (go iceman!) fun.

This isn't a game that everyone's going to love, but thats ok, for those who enjoy soccer/megaman, download it, very fun, It's one of the most fun soccer games you'll ever play (just behind Red Card 2002, and Fifa world cup)It's fun, but not revlotionary.
Happy Gaming
Mr. Blue Sky


Reviewer: Rizzian Date: Nov 15, 2001
MegaMan Soccer is to SNES what SuperDodgeball was to the original Nintendo. It is a fun multi-player with lots of options, codes to retain your team, and the ability to advance and customize many different options. If this weren't associated with MegaMan, it would still be a good game. Sadly, most Americans, not being the soccer fans that the rest of the world seem to be, will have a hard time getting past the central idea, but if they can it makes for a great classic video game experience.

Graphics: 7
The graphics are about on par for most Capcom games of the day. Definately cartoony, but in a good way.

Sound: 6
Fair, and just above average for a not-so top of the line Capcom release. Classic MegaMan sounds.

Gameplay: 9
By far the most entertaining soccer game on SNES. More than kicks and passes, there are different characters to choose from to make your team, and each has it's own abilites. Like most sports games, MegaMan Soccer is more fun in multi-play mode with a good friend.

Overall: 8
This is a good game, with well-balanced play and fairly good graphics.

One can only wonder what the world would be like if Capcom had created other MegaMan sports titles.