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SNES - Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge

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Reviewer: GreenLucky7 Date: Jun 20, 2001
This is the best game made for the superscope. Its actually the sequel to battleclash. The game play is basically the same, use the bazooka to shot up enemy standing tanks. But, nearly every area has been improved. The new tanks are less cartoonish and more impressive. A second player tank has been added so now you can choose to use the upgraded falcon or the new tornado tank. A training mode has been added for both tanks. New items have been added and the standard guns now have a charging mode for stronger shots. The best thing however is the two player mode. Now one person can use the lightgun and another can use the controller to play the on-screen tank. It is the best supernintendo game made, if you can find it and a scope, BUY THEM.