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Reviewer: nec5 Date: Jan 6, 2004
Welcome to Burai Fighter, an average shooter that is addictive and difficult.

Graphics: 8
In the graphics department, Burai gets an 8 for its time. The explosions and bosses were pretty neat when this game came out. Believe it or not, the graphics were one of the reasons I bought the game. A wide variety of colors and clear lasers make this an attractive game.

Sound: 6
Some of the music is good, but it gets old fast. This rates a six because the boss music is hectic, and the sounds are excellent. Explosions and such are as loud as they should be. No complaints here.

Gameplay: 4
Burai Fighter is unique because you control an armored space warrior(rather than a ship) and can choose from many powerups. You're right, this isn't that unique. Still, it held my interest for a long time. I even beat the standard difficulty and reached the final boss on hard difficulty. The game gets boring and extremely difficult/frustrating. The repetetiveness severely limits this game.

Overall: 6
This isn't a bad game. It's not great either. Its neat at first, but begins to get boring towards the end. If you like shooters, pick this up. It'll keep you shooting.

When this game came out, I played it for weeks. I became so frustrated with the final boss on hard difficulty that I never played it again. Many years later, I suppose this is a good shooter. Just don't expect anything grand or excellent.