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Out of This World

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Reviewer: MatthiasBOB Date: Feb 16, 2002
I am AKA Matthias(if ya couldn't tell)

Alrighty, this game is quite a good one. You are some guy (I forgot the guy's name :) and you are somehow zapped to another dimension. Along the way, a crazy chain of events happen. It is a sidescroller type with with shootin' action. This game is quite a thinker. You have to figure out different ways to get past different situations. It sounds dumb but it's very challenging.

Graphics: 8
These aren't the best graphix ever on SNES, but they are great. They attempt to take a 3-D approach to it, but the SNES probably doesn't have the necisary capabilities; also this game originally came out for the PC. They made a fairly good effort.

Sound: 7
Some sounds are just beeps and craps. Others are hilarious like "My tuba!". The 1st time I heard that one (which was when me, my brothers and some friends rented it when it 1st came out) I was rolling on the ground laughing. Mainly cuz my brother played the tuba then. Anyway I'm getting sidetracked.

Gameplay: 7
Sometimes the controls are a bit sticky and it's hard to time the jumps, but you get used to 'em. Other aspects of the game are really neat and (were when it 1st came out) shocking even. Especially the professor's patented "sack buster". You'll see ;)

Overall: 8
Overall, very good game. Not much of a replay value cause its 100% linear. But it's good to plug in an old classic. I also recommend Flashback which is also made by Interplay and very similar to it and I believe can be found on this site.

Check ya later.