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Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures

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Reviewer: TonberryKing Date: Apr 26, 2002
Heeeeeeeey kiiiids!! TonberryKing here for yet another review ^-^

Okay, now at first when you see that title, you might feel a tinge in your spine. You might get that "Oh no, this can't bee good" sensation crawl up your spine. Hell, by the title, this game could be about anything at all!
Well, you're going to be pleasantly surprised. Pacman 2, The New Adventures isn't really all that bad. In fact, it's pretty darn unique! The entire game focuses on Pacman going around and completing certain tasks (i.e. getting baby pac some milk, picking a flower from a dangerous mountaintop, or getting your son's guitar back.) But, it doesn't work exactly how you might think it would. You don't control Pacman, rather you give him orders, and help him out. More explanation later.

Graphics: 8
It's all very cute, but also detailed. Pacman looks great in this world, and all the backrounds have many interaction points. (meaning you shoot it, and things happen.) Also, Pacman's facial expressions are hilarious. Shoot him a bunch of times to rile him up, and watch as he blows his top!

Sound: 9
I, for one, liked the tunes assigned to each area (my favorite being the mountaintop.) The interesting thing is that the tune changes depending on Pacman's mood. When he's depressed, the tune is slow and depressing. When he's happy, the tune is quick and cheerful. When he's mad, the tune is almost so fast it loses tempo!

Gameplay: 10
Unique, unique, unique. The entire concept of you manipulating Pacman is just so unique I wish someone else would recreate it. You see, Pacman reacts differently to certain situations depending on his mood. If he sees a robber and he happens to be depressed, he probably look the other way. However, if you get him good and mad first, he'll try to take them on, with often hilarious results. The entire game is like this, and it never gets old. Again, checkout the facial expressions!

Overall: 9
Pacman has so many moods in this game. Happy, sad, suicidally depressive, smug, furious, even insane. Get it, and at least try it out. There's a demo at the beginning to explain how to play, so you can't use that old "I can't figure it out" excuse.

Till we meet again.
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