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Reviewer: TonberryKing Date: Apr 6, 2002
If I had a choice between playing this game or poking out my own eyes with rusty apholstry needles...

...I would play this game. Because this game is awesome. and if I poked out my eyes, I could never play it again. Which would be bad.

This is my kind of game, here. It has everything: action, shooting, a touch of RPG elements, 2-player at once capabilities, and above all--lots of Japanese-ey stuff. The whole game itself is based around Shinto shrines and ancient demons, stuff I can really sink my teeth into. And the characters are great as well.

Graphics: 10
Everything in this game: the backgrounds, the character sprites... all of it is polished to a fine luster. There are so many enemies to choose to shoot, and they're animated so greatly that you're almost sad to shoot them.

Sound: 10
Oh, the music... the music is great. Each level's music is excellently composed, and luckily, they all have a japanese-ey theme to them. I love it.

Gameplay: 10
As polished as everything else. The game consists of either Pocky (a young girl in a Shinto priest's outfit), or Rocky (a large Tanuki, or Raccoon Dog as the legend would say), going through each level and shooting all kinds of demons with either cards (Pocky) or leaves (Rocky). There are powerups to collect that can give you a boost for your weapon, such as rapid-fire, spreadshots, or more power. There are plenty of levels to go through, too.

Overall: 10
I hardly ever give straight tens to any game I review, but Pocky and Rocky really deserves it. Original ideas, great music, and good execution. I would reccomend Pocky and Rocky 2, which is even better (and soon to be reviewed by me, nonetheless!)

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