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Reviewer: Tylak Date: Feb 16, 2002
Populous is a great city building game that mixes aspects of games like Sim City with actual combat from games like Warcraft. You play as the God of a group of settlers and you have to guide them as they construct their own civilization. In each level their is a rival group of settlers guided by a "lesser" God who you must defeat. Among your powers you can raise/lower ground, cast earthquakes, and create floods.

Graphics: 4
Graphics really aren't great and you don't have a large field of view. But things look good enough that the graphics don't ruin any of the fun. You also have the option to change the game themes to volcano, snow, candy-land, and a lot of other weird stuff.

Sound: 4
Most of the sound consists of wind blowing and an ominous heart beating sound. Other than that all you hear are the settlers fighting and yo casting spells and stuff. Not much here...

Gameplay: 8
I really enjoy this game. Once you've started a strong civilization your mana increases and you can start attacking the enemy. You can create mountains in the middle of their settled plains. This ruins their castles and houses. You can also create bottomless pits that continually suck enemy settlers into the abyss. But the coolest feature if gathering your people together and creating knights. You can then send your Knights into enemy territory to defeat castles and kill everyone they see. Very cool.

Overall: 7
Populous creates and overall fun playing experience. You can really get sucked into the game and spend hours playing it. It might get boring after you get through the first 5 levels. But its a fun game to play every once in a while. I like it!

Some of the spells and abilities could be a little confusing. There are lots of fan sites though. So run a search of "populous" or go to and look it up for strategy, cheats, and support.

Have fun.