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Rockman & Forte

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Reviewer: Kodiak Date: Jan 5, 2004
Rockman & Forte is a Super Famicon Megaman game with a twist, you can play as Bass(Forte) for a completely unique gaming experience. The boss selection is different too, requiring you to defeat one before you fight another which acutally makes it easier because the one you defeat's weapon will be the one you're given access too's weakness.

Graphics: 10
These are the same graphics that are on the PSX's MM8. Psx graphics on the SNES, need I say more? The graphics do look a lil coarse and grainy but they still are above many Snes games, and the animations are pretty good.

Sound: 9
Very excellent sound and music. The quality is clear and crisp and there isn't any voiceovers to worry about.

Gameplay: 10
Having Bass as a playable character makes it sooo much better. The special weapons aren't different but you can fire up or at diagonals, has a faster dash (but can't go under things) and can't charge his weapon, instead he has a machine gun style weapon. Megaman is as he always is.
You can upgrade your characters using Auto's shop to give more diversity between the two, including the Rush/Gospel adapters for both.

Overall: 10
If you're a Megaman fan or like side scrollers, you will love this game. There is enough in the store, and the character choices will give it more replayability than other MM games, and playing as Bass is just fun.

And don't have to worry because now, Megaman & Bass is for the GBA and if you still want the big(ger) screen experience, and have a Gamecube with the GBPplayer, you can use that.
Now.....if the could only get Protoman into one of these games (not like the arcade games).


Reviewer: Zero72 Date: Sep 24, 2001
THIS IS THE BEST MEGA MAN GAME THERE IS. It's unlike me to say such controversial things, but that's my belief.

Graphics: Sweeeeet. I challenge you to find a SNES game with better animation.

Sound: Great music, although the sound effects aren't brilliant.

Gameplay: Not perfect. But not bad. All in all, good.

Overall: It can be a tad frustrating, but this is an EXELLENT game. Too bad the SNES was already dead in the US when it came out in Japan.