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Romance of the Three Kingdoms II

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Reviewer: Sir Sam of Sammy Date: Sep 9, 2002
Another review by me, Sir Sam of Sammy!!

Graphics: 4
What can I say, but bad, some of the generals faces are unique, but alot of them have faces that look alot alike, but with different colors.

Sound: 4
You'll get tired of it, I promise. However some of the battle music is sort of catchy.

Gameplay: 8
Fun game. Building up at the begining is fun. Later though, it does get a bit repetative. One that I dont recommend unless you've got some spare time because it is a bit addicting if you like these kind of games. Replayable, definatly, starting out with different generals and different countries, but in the end it does usually end up being the same generals.

Overall: 7
Overall I give it a 7. It was addicting when I played it and every once in a while I start a new game, but usually never finish it. Just not enough time.

Enjoy life. You only get one!

Sir Sam of Sammy.


Reviewer: Jyonachi Date: Jul 29, 2001
One of my favourite games ever. My chums and I keep coming back to play this one again, again, and again. Forget the graphics and sound, this one is all about fun factor and replay value. Build massive armies, stockpile weapons, recruit the finest generals in china (or execute them). Hey, how can you not love Cao Cao, the Sun family, and my personal fave (I really don't know why) the Ma Brothers.