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Saturday Night Slam Masters

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Reviewer: Death Motion Date: Jul 10, 2001
Man I love this game! It's the perfect mix between Final Fight and Street Fighter as a wrestling game! It even has Mike Haggar (Final Fight) as one of the playable caracters!

It's got 2 modes, a single battle mode, in which you must battle alone for the belt in defeating all 10 caracters of the game (except yourself of course), and then you must take on all opponent once again and defend your title! The other mode is what makes me liking this game so much! It's the Tag-team battle royal mode, in which 4 players can beat the hell out of each others simultaneously!! If you're alone, well it's no big deal, pick your caracter and another that the CPU will control for you!

So a battle goes like this : You begin with a full gauge of energy (obviously) and the match end when one of the wrestler pins the other one. (in the battle royal, both of your opponents must be pinned) A pin can be made at any time when the opponent is down, but the opponent is likely to release itself from the pin if he still has energy left, otherwise, you win! Each caracters have a vast inventory of punches, kicks, jump attacks, running attacks, suplexes and special moves! (Which must be used to hurt the opponent!) Some of the caracters have submission moves which'll end a match if your opponent has no energy left! A match can also be won be applying a pin suplex! Each caracters have also a finishing move that really hurts alot!! Perform them to show off and get bonus points!

Now, the only stupid thing about this game is that when you play a 1 player tag team battle royal and you get pin while your CPU controled tag mate is still alive and kicking, you'll still loose the match and get a frustrating "No countest" match...

But other than that, it's a great game that I'd recomend to every fighting and action game fans!