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Reviewer: EmeraldWp Date: Sep 4, 2001
This game is pretty good. If you've played the real Shadowrun with paper and pencil, you'd see that some of the stuff in the game isn't feesable (i.e. Kill dragon with panthor cannon alone) but it still holds its own. The karma system was just like the real thing, too. If you liked this one, get the one on sega as well. And go out and get the paper & pencil stuff, too. We need more players.


Reviewer: Talon Date: Aug 9, 2001
this is a great game. it actually pays some respect to the actual roleplaying game. not many roleplaying based games do that. i was happy with the graphics, they were good for the snes. the music didnt drive me insane after 30 minutes like most games have a tendency to do. there is only one thing in which i wasnt too happy about, i wish you could be able to have different choices into what characters you can be: perhaps a different type of shaman, or a street samurai, or a mage. i guess that is just the limitation of the snes itself, perhaps those factors would have been too complicated to put into the game. all in all this game is a good play