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Simpsons, The: Bart's Nightmare

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Reviewer: Mike Date: Aug 18, 2002
well well well, it's yet another Simpsons classic!
You star as Bart who has lost all his homework, and through playing a few sub-games you can earn pages of your homework back.

Graphics: 7
the graphics themselves were good BUT, the animation was pretty choppy and it was sometimes hard to follow

Sound: 10
it was the simpsons! THeres nothing else to be said.
Some great quotes from the characters

Gameplay: 6
I found the gameplay was decent. The game could have used more buttons, or maybe give barts weapons more use. for example, the watermelon seeds do next to nothing in the game.

Overall: 8
the game was alright, but I give it a higher rating because it is the simpsons. Had it been something like "regis Philbin's nightmare" I probably would not have even played the game.

great show, decent game, worth a try I suppose