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Reviewer: Dreg Date: Aug 31, 2002
A pretty good game for the best console in the world. Sky Blazer is really a good platform game, that deserves to be played.

Graphics: 8
OK, nothing from another world, just good graphics, itīs just that the colors are a little bit mixed, but instead of this, the graphics are something decent.

Sound: 7
Itīs nothing to be amazed of, but the sound is something that helps the game being better, even just a little. The sound is a mix of orchestral sounds and medieval music, something that, I think, is a cliché on adventure games like this

Gameplay: 8
The gameplay is simply the best on this game. thereīs a lot of moves and magic to be learned,As same as a good amount of worlds to be visited. I hope that you have enough time to learn it all. The controls are a little hard to handle, but eventually you will get used to them, the difficulty of the controls is, instead, a fun and challenge factor for the whole game.

Overall: 8
I suggest you, play Sky Blazer, is pretty good. Something like an "underground" game that follow the same line like Act Raiser 2 (which also rules). This game doesnīt plans to beat the popular adventure games on this console (like the Megamanīs or the Mario Bros series). But it surely kicks out the avalanche of all those dumb games that are nothing like crap (specially Toy Story). Just play it.

If you mistook SKY BLAZER for SOUL BLAZER, donīt worry, you havenīt made a mistake, īcos SoulBlazer is a good game too.