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Reviewer: Ant Date: Nov 9, 2001
Any games veteran out there will recognise this in one form or another. For Space Ace was originally a laserdisc arcade adventure released in the autumn of 1983. A Don Bluth/Gary Goldman creation, it was an immediate success for the fans of Dragon's Lair, released earlier that year.

10 years later, the game was turned into this platformer for the SNES. In it, you play as Dexter, a young hero who has to do battle against his arch-nemesis Borf, who kidnapped Dexter's girl, Princess Kimmy. Borf also possess something called the Infanto Ray which with one blast can turn a fully grown man into a helpless baby. However, Dexter can energize himself to turn into a fully grown man armed with a zapper.

There are also various flying shooty bits in the Space Maze as you fly to find the next level. This part is difficult as you can get lost very quickly.

Graphics: 4
Well, what can I say, apart from ""appaling""? The sprites are badly drawn, the cutscenes are pixllated and blocky and the backgrounds look bland and awful!

Sound: 6
The music is a little better. However, I have only found 5 tunes in it so far, so the music does get a little repetitive. Sound effects are average and there is some speech but I don't like that much.

Gameplay: 6
There are some fairly good ideas in here, although major action is revolved around jumping and flying about. Pressing the L button when ""ENERGIZE"" flashes up on the screen causes Dexter to turn into Ace and be able to shoot things, but sometimes getting the aim right is very difficult and is quite unresponsive.

Overall: 5
I think Space Ace could have been better if they had actually converted it form the laserdisc original instead of being made into a corny game like this one. Oh, the humanity!

Written by Ant, SNESzone webmaster