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Speed Racer

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Reviewer: Underbird Date: Jul 10, 2004
Well this is a very intresting game. It combines both racing and platformer. Each race you are Speed in the powerful Mach 5, racing aginst evil race car drivers all over the world.

Graphics: 7
The tracks and cars are good, the text story and pictures are good, the platformer levels are good, but the frames in the racing levels are very choppy. The choppieness isn't horrible, but it does cost the graphics some points.

Sound: 9
Engine sounds are absolutly great. Hit the turbo and the Mach 5 sounds like it reaces 10,000 RPMs!

Gameplay: 10
Combining a racing game and a platformer...ABSOLUTE GENIUS! Very cool game play.
The racing levels are challenging but not so hard that you want to pull out your hair. The platformer levels can be very nerve racking though.

Overall: 9
This is a very cool game, if you like racing games, platformers, or Speed Racer!