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Reviewer: Joe Date: May 7, 2005
Being an avid Spider-man fan, and a fan of this game... I can say that it is probably the best Spider-Man game for its time period. In my opinion, it's better than any of the Spider Man games ever made for SNES and is in my top 10 for video games overall. This game makes a very good representation of Spider Man in terms of his abilities. Peter Parker isn't even really a part in this game, you're Spider Man throughout the whole game. Based on how good you are at this game, you can make Spider Man look like a [email protected]$$.

Graphics: 7
It's SNES, I cut it some slack for being an older game but its graphics are pretty decent, I won't lie. Spider man has kind of a funny shaped head, but he's ripped and the game pretty much looks good. The villains all look pretty decent too and the background usually has a lot of stuff going on and sometimes the environment can be deceiving but it's not hard to figure out.

Sound: 9
First off, the game has a different song for every level and they all fit the ambiance of the Spider Man gig. The lab is kind of querky/funky, construction site is more butch, Coney Island is circusy but annoying, J. Jonah's penthouse(which is my fav) is kind of technoie and robotic, and Ravencroft is more guitarish and epich, and the sewers' song is kinda clangy and upbeat. The boss music is the same throughout all boss fights, but it's great boss music. The evil laughs during the song remind me of green goblin and Spider man's enemies in general. And not to mention, the Animated Series song from Fox Kids opens the game, pretty tight.

Gameplay: 9
This game makes a good representation of Spider Man, although I was slightly dissapointed in the webbing factor. But fighting is way fun. Especially fighting the bosses. You get the basic punch/kick thing goin, no combos, a jump kick, a flip kick which is more powerful, a touchdown kick, where you can hurt enemies just by jumping on them, webbing and grenades which are relatively worthless. No spider sense feature either and you're forward visibility while walking is real short, enemies tend to appear out of nowhere right in front of you and they can catch you of guard sometimes. But all enemies don't take much to defeat, it makes Spider man look that much stronger.

Overall: 9
Overall, the game could be a little longer, w/ maybe one more level thrown in there and that would have been great. But as it is, the game is extremely fun. I have it, and I have states saved on the 3 last bosses cuz they're the funnest parts of the game. It doesn't take very long to beat, and it's actually kind of challenging. I recommend this game to anyone, even if you aren't a Spidey fan, if you are, PLAY IT NOW!!


Reviewer: Mike Date: Aug 1, 2004
As a huge (I mean huge) Spider-Man fan, this is the first Spider-Man game I had played, and I can say that I wasn't disappointed in the least, although I never beat until several years later. The story begins with several enemies (Doc Ock, Venom, etc.) escaping from prison. It's up to Spider-Man to defeat them all.

Graphics: 8
The graphics are pretty amazing, especially for a SNES game. Spidey looks a little chubby, but beyond that, every enemy has great detail. Take Doc Ock for example, they even have it so he climbs using his mechanical arms, which is a small detail many people wouldn't have even considered.

Sound: 9
Some sounds end up getting repetitive, like the "UGH!" of an enemy after being defeated, but I'd say that the sounds are still pretty excellent. The music for each level is different, also.

Gameplay: 9
The controls are pretty basic and very easy to get used to. Unless of course, you, like I, have an old SNES controlled and the button to sprint sticks often. You can cling to the wall of almost anything, which is pretty cool. It also helps you to get to secret areas and find secret objects, like Fantastic Four icons which help a lot, when you select them (they restore health, or attack the enemy). Another item also, is the metallic suit that has appeared in the comics and shows, which causes Spidey to be invincible (until he's hit too much). There are also stun and sonic grenades which come in handy with certain enemies.

Overall: 9
I would say that this game is a must play.

Other than Spider-Man 2, I'd say this is my favourite Spider-Man related game ever. It captures the essence of what Spider-Man is all about.